15 September 2007

Fixing the Mojo

I think I may have found the answer to my missing Mojo! With much encouragement (read nagging LOL) from my pal Deb, I registered today for the "Stand Up and Scrap Contest".

It is a wonderful concept that gives participants the opportunity to contribute to The Alliance for Climate Protection and buy the most AMAZING kit I have ever seen! Now I know that I have no chance in hell of winning, or frankly even get a place, but I really enjoy the challenge of stretching myself artisticly and forcing myself to do things that I wouldn't normally attempt. So there you are - I'm now an anonomous number in a sea of other participants (who are incredibly talented and equally anonomous!) - I can't post my LO's here on my blog because then you would know they were by me LOL but I am so looking forward to it :).

On the home front, all is good. Amazingly my dear FIL is hanging in there!!! It is so wonderful and he has even woken for the first time in a fortnight, so fingers crossed for his recovery!

I had a lovely day on Friday because the Prep kids had a display of their Museum project that they invited the parents to come and view. This is the first time that I have been able to go to something like this for so long and I loved it. The kids put on a little dance which was just adorable! I LOVE not working!!! Bella had a "totally MAD' night (her words not mine!) on Friday night because the school had a year 5/6 & 7 disco and she went and cut a rug (my words not her's - lmao!). The noise was incredible, we could hear it from our place, but she had a wonderful time. She looked so grown up that I felt all misty eyed but she just laughed at me!

Tasha has developed a temp, upset stomach and an ear ache this weekend so she has been kept on the couch with movies all day. Anyway I will have to go to bed soon because Tash was up last night throwing up and I need to catch up on my beauty sleep (lots and lots of it!). So good night family & friends - ta ta!

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Carol said...

Your FIL sounds like a real fighter, he will be in my prayers. And good for you on the Stand up and Scrap. I've not heard of it so I will seek it out for a read so I can see what you are about. So we don't get to see any of your layouts?!?!? :-(