23 September 2007


I really should be in bed but .... I thought that I would quickly post before I go because I am not (repeat NOT) going to turn on my computer at all tomorrow! I spend WAY too much time on the damn thing LOL!

So for my family & friends who have no interest in digiscrapping - a quick note about the family! School holidays have just started and my cherubs are delighted to have me home for the whole two weeks :). I am happy to BE home lmao! We started the holidays by sorting out the winter clothes and putting them away, and pulling out the summer clothes and making sure they still fit! What fun! Tasha is very much improved thankfully and she seems to be able to hear much better with her sore ear now. Bell is fine, just acting like a typical pre-teen girl at the moment (but enough about that LOL). Apart from that, my dear MIL is still here as my FIL is STILL in ICU, so we went and spent some lovely girly time yesterday, window shopping and sipping Chai Lattes at Westfield - heaven!

As for digiscrapping, I have finished my first LO for the Stand Up and Scrap Contest (SUAS for those of us too lazy to type it out all the time) and while I can't show it to you, I am happy with it (now). So just to keep busy, I did this OTHER LO for a challenge at Pickleberrypop and I rather like how this one turned out!

So on that note I will leave you with it as I am yawning so much my jaw is aching :)
You at 2

Credits can be found at my Pickleberrypop Gallery here.

Night night.

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