20 April 2013

headaches and scrapping

Its been a rotten sinus-y week here at my place with headaches and a doctors visit being the highlights and then antibiotics to finish the yucky week off with a bang. Finally on day four of the antibiotics I am starting to feel like myself so I'm a happy camper at last! Needless to say headaches are NOT conducive to creative exploits and my scrapping has suffered accordingly BUT I did manage to whip up some pages before I went down like a ton of bricks and I will share them with you now *grin*.

This is my page for The Lilypad's April Product Challenge - mist. I used some retiring goodies from Emily Merritt and Valorie Wibben's Topography No. 9 (also retiring THIS weekend!) and Kaye Winiecki's lovely Mist and Paint.

My Girl

 This is a page I created using Renne's new kit For the Record available at OScraps! I had fun reminiscing about my 80s heart throb Rick Astley! 

Remembering Rick

Talking about retiring goodies don't forget to head over to The Lilypad to check out all the lovely stuff that is leaving the store forever ... sale finished Sunday 21st April!

And look at the lovely collaboration Kaye made with Studio Basic called Then and Now! Love it! It is definitely on my to be scrapped with list!

During the course of this gross sinus-y week I discovered that one way to distract myself from the headaches was to read .. fun I know but there was something about concentrating on a good book that helped me get through.  I read this very amusing book by  Jessica Grey called Attempting Elizabeth - the main character can drop herself into her favourite Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. During the course of the novel she  learns a lot about herself and finds the man of her dreams, her Mr Darcy. A lovely light and fluffy book that made me smile!

Then as a nice birthday treat to me I bought myself the latest Kim Harrison The Hallows series novel .. Ever After. I do love this series, Rachel is such a kick-ass kind of girl, both brash and insecure. She is a lovable and funny character and just seems to fall head long into trouble each and every book! An other exciting read from Kim Harrison!

Well I think that is all from me for the day as I have stuff to do and pages to scrap! I can't believe I managed to post again so soon and I know that Miss Carol will faint away in shock after seeing ANOTHER post from me hehe. Byeeeee

09 April 2013

be vewy VEWY Qwiet ......

Shhhhh be vewy vewy qwiet or you might scare off the absentee blogger .......

Its a fly by posting from me (surprise!). There is too much to say to catch up and I just think the best thing would be to start from today and continue the way I mean to go on ... scrapping and books!

Its been a busy scrappy start to the week with the April BYOC out at The Lilypad. Of course I had to scrap a few pages for the April Challenges with the BYOC because its so much fun!

Pretty Beach Toes - Template Challenge

Happy Day - BYOC Challenge

 My Comfort Zone - Journaling Challenge

 Right Now - Scraplift Challenge

Added to all the scrapping I managed to get through this weekend I also managed to finish reading City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. 

Another enjoyable read although I probably shouldn't have launched straight into the fourth book of this series because frankly you can have TOO much teen angst in one series! Sometimes I feel like smacking Jace one behind the ears as surely its not normal for one boy to be soooo tortured  For me the saving grace of this book is the satisfying development of Simon's character and Cassandra Clare's great writing. While nowhere near The Clockwork series it is still an enjoyable read for a weekend when you really just want to escape the housework and disappear into a fictional world. 

19 June 2012

IQS 8 Week Plan - Week 3 Day 1

Well here I am ... Day 1 of Week 3 on Sarah's I Quit Sugar plan and I have to say, I'm feeling fine! I really am amazed that I haven't had to wrestle with the burning desire to attack people walking past me with chocolate bars. I honestly thought this would be harder but then again my hubby is doing it with me and he was a huge enabler when I tried changing my diet before. This time, with him with me we are a united front against the evil fructose (grin) and we have even convinced the smallest girl to start looking at the sugar on the labels of things - it was a source of great shock to her to see that her favourite juices had so much sugar in them! The big girl, ehhh not so much!

In all honesty, I am probably not doing this whole plan right, but I have cut out all sweet treats, all soft drink and juice and all sugar in coffee.  I now check the labels on products that I want to buy and pick the options with the least amount of sugar (while keeping a wary eye on the carbs) but there are some things I wont compromise on ... not one little bit! I will not give up my Marion's Kitchen Thai Green Curry ... no sir, NO WAY! I love, LOVE that box of Thai Green goodness and for 3.6g sugar per serve I can live with it. I AM struggling to find a balance between a no sugar (read tasteless) breakfast cereal and my much loved (yummy) Uncle Toby's Plus with Cranberries and Blueberries. I know that Sarah says NO fruit during the 8 weeks but Mama has got to have her berry cereal! I have bought porridge and it sits in the pantry cupboard reproachfully reminding me of my sugar free vow each time I open the doors but I am .. to date .. successfully ignoring it. 

The one thing that concerns me is that I wonder if I am rationalising? You know what I mean, when you convince yourself that its something you just CAN'T give up when really you just haven't tried all that hard. Hubby says his weetbix with milk (no sugar) is fine and that even though he wasn't fussed to start with he can easily bare them now so I wonder if that should be my goal for this week ... shaking off the shackles of my favourite brekkie cereal.

Apart from protecting myself from the insidious damage that fructose can do to my body, by storing fat around my poor overworked liver, I have found another great reason to be sugar free - I have lost 3 kgs haha! So yay me! 

Well I had better sign off for now - I don't really have much else to share right now so until next time .... farewell!

10 June 2012

IQS Day 6 and some scrapping

Well its been a long week but thank heavens I think I have come out the other side of the Caffeine withdrawals! Yay me! I woke up this morning feeling good for the first time since Tuesday and I know its only going to get better! I have been drinking loads of water and green tea and I have said NO to additional sugar all week bar 3 cups of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar (I'm on my way to sugar free tea people - baby steps!).

Perusing the labels of packaged foods this week has given me a fright as I start converting grams of sugar per serve into teaspoons of sugar in my head ... I am sure that people at the shopping centre have found my gasps of outrage as I inspect product labels highly amusing! I looked at Sarah's shopping list at the back of the IQS 8  week Plan ebook and tried to see if I could buy some of the stuff at the local supermarket ..... I could get some of it and tried the coconut water ....OMG gag! An acquired taste I can tell! I actually spat it out haha the kids thought it was hilarious the rats! Tasha brought me a glass of water later in the day - I should have smelled it before i took a bit chug of it ..... spat it all over the sink downstairs ROFL!

And yes I do have a life outside of my sugar-free aspirations! I have been busily scrapping and enjoying myself getting my creative on! Here are two pages that I have finished this week for The Lilypad June Challenges and I must say I'm really enjoying them!

This is my page for the TLP June Template Challenge - a rare self portrait!
Credits here

And this is my page for the TLP June Product Challenge!
Credits here

I also posted around a page I made with the GORGEOUS new kit by ForeverJoy Designs - Beautiful Day which is (did I mention already?) gorgeous!

A Perfect Day Today
Credits here

Well I have rabbited on enough for one day, I am off to do some housework and spend time with my Kindle.

I'm reading Cape Storm - book 8 in the Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine - a rollicking fun read with action a aplenty! So until next time .... ta ta!

06 June 2012

IQS - 8 Week Plan - Day 2

Another blistering headache today - I woke up with it this morning and it continued to try to pound my brains into mush throughout the day but I did not touch that demon drink ... coffee! Oh no, this withdrawal headache will not beat me (even if it feels like it IS beating me!) and I am going to come out the other side better for it! Its made me mad now and that caffeine addiction is going DOWN!

I haven't had any additional sugar today apart from a cup of tea and (gasp!) one level teaspoon of sugar and the Uncle Toby's Plus breakfast cereal that I am finishing off this week in preparation for next weeks sterner restrictions. No sweets, no snacks, no bickies! For me that is pretty darn outstanding. I haven't really felt like sweet things today but maybe that will change once I have gotten through this caffeine withdrawal..... only time will tell!

Having an early night tonight in the hopes that waking up tomorrow will be less head-achy! Night!

05 June 2012

IQS - 8 Weeks Plan - Day 1

Things I learned today ...........

1. I am addicted to coffee as well as sugar and
2. Withdrawals from coffee give you a BIG headache!

Now you are probably wondering what coffee withdrawals has to do with Day 1 of my IQS 8 week Plan! Well I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that I couldn't handle coffee without sugar just yet so I would abstain from coffee entirely until I was a bit more used to this Sugar-free caper. All that did was make me realise HOW many cups of coffee a day I drink! Eeeek! I counted the number of times I DIDN'T have a coffee today and I had got to 6 cups by the time I left work today! 6!! I realised that the first thing I did in the morning was turn on the kettle for my first coffee of the day and it struck me that I was as bad as my husband when he smoked! It was a nasty moment for me and I was determined to stick it out headache or not! 

Apart from the nasty coffee withdrawals I have been looking at packaging on snack foods today and quite frankly I'm appalled at how much sugar is in them! I actually managed not to eat any snack food today and I can't say I missed it terribly. I did notice that I wasn't as hungry today as I have been in the past but that was probably because I wasn't drinking 6 cups of coffee (I always seemed to be snacking at coffee time).

Overall not a bad day (painkillers are working so I am more blasé about my headache now) but it IS only day 1! 

Going to do a little reading about fructose and then I'm off to bed - thanks for listening!

04 June 2012

I Quit Sugar - 8 week plan - the night before!

I guess its fate that I found my blog again the day before I bought Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar ebook

as she recommends keeping a track of your progress in a daily journal or blog ... so I have decided to blog my Sugar Free journey so that my friends can help keep my feet on the ground and help me feel like this ......................

image via 'break out'

Wish me luck :)