05 June 2012

IQS - 8 Weeks Plan - Day 1

Things I learned today ...........

1. I am addicted to coffee as well as sugar and
2. Withdrawals from coffee give you a BIG headache!

Now you are probably wondering what coffee withdrawals has to do with Day 1 of my IQS 8 week Plan! Well I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that I couldn't handle coffee without sugar just yet so I would abstain from coffee entirely until I was a bit more used to this Sugar-free caper. All that did was make me realise HOW many cups of coffee a day I drink! Eeeek! I counted the number of times I DIDN'T have a coffee today and I had got to 6 cups by the time I left work today! 6!! I realised that the first thing I did in the morning was turn on the kettle for my first coffee of the day and it struck me that I was as bad as my husband when he smoked! It was a nasty moment for me and I was determined to stick it out headache or not! 

Apart from the nasty coffee withdrawals I have been looking at packaging on snack foods today and quite frankly I'm appalled at how much sugar is in them! I actually managed not to eat any snack food today and I can't say I missed it terribly. I did notice that I wasn't as hungry today as I have been in the past but that was probably because I wasn't drinking 6 cups of coffee (I always seemed to be snacking at coffee time).

Overall not a bad day (painkillers are working so I am more blasé about my headache now) but it IS only day 1! 

Going to do a little reading about fructose and then I'm off to bed - thanks for listening!

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