19 June 2012

IQS 8 Week Plan - Week 3 Day 1

Well here I am ... Day 1 of Week 3 on Sarah's I Quit Sugar plan and I have to say, I'm feeling fine! I really am amazed that I haven't had to wrestle with the burning desire to attack people walking past me with chocolate bars. I honestly thought this would be harder but then again my hubby is doing it with me and he was a huge enabler when I tried changing my diet before. This time, with him with me we are a united front against the evil fructose (grin) and we have even convinced the smallest girl to start looking at the sugar on the labels of things - it was a source of great shock to her to see that her favourite juices had so much sugar in them! The big girl, ehhh not so much!

In all honesty, I am probably not doing this whole plan right, but I have cut out all sweet treats, all soft drink and juice and all sugar in coffee.  I now check the labels on products that I want to buy and pick the options with the least amount of sugar (while keeping a wary eye on the carbs) but there are some things I wont compromise on ... not one little bit! I will not give up my Marion's Kitchen Thai Green Curry ... no sir, NO WAY! I love, LOVE that box of Thai Green goodness and for 3.6g sugar per serve I can live with it. I AM struggling to find a balance between a no sugar (read tasteless) breakfast cereal and my much loved (yummy) Uncle Toby's Plus with Cranberries and Blueberries. I know that Sarah says NO fruit during the 8 weeks but Mama has got to have her berry cereal! I have bought porridge and it sits in the pantry cupboard reproachfully reminding me of my sugar free vow each time I open the doors but I am .. to date .. successfully ignoring it. 

The one thing that concerns me is that I wonder if I am rationalising? You know what I mean, when you convince yourself that its something you just CAN'T give up when really you just haven't tried all that hard. Hubby says his weetbix with milk (no sugar) is fine and that even though he wasn't fussed to start with he can easily bare them now so I wonder if that should be my goal for this week ... shaking off the shackles of my favourite brekkie cereal.

Apart from protecting myself from the insidious damage that fructose can do to my body, by storing fat around my poor overworked liver, I have found another great reason to be sugar free - I have lost 3 kgs haha! So yay me! 

Well I had better sign off for now - I don't really have much else to share right now so until next time .... farewell!

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