10 June 2012

IQS Day 6 and some scrapping

Well its been a long week but thank heavens I think I have come out the other side of the Caffeine withdrawals! Yay me! I woke up this morning feeling good for the first time since Tuesday and I know its only going to get better! I have been drinking loads of water and green tea and I have said NO to additional sugar all week bar 3 cups of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar (I'm on my way to sugar free tea people - baby steps!).

Perusing the labels of packaged foods this week has given me a fright as I start converting grams of sugar per serve into teaspoons of sugar in my head ... I am sure that people at the shopping centre have found my gasps of outrage as I inspect product labels highly amusing! I looked at Sarah's shopping list at the back of the IQS 8  week Plan ebook and tried to see if I could buy some of the stuff at the local supermarket ..... I could get some of it and tried the coconut water ....OMG gag! An acquired taste I can tell! I actually spat it out haha the kids thought it was hilarious the rats! Tasha brought me a glass of water later in the day - I should have smelled it before i took a bit chug of it ..... spat it all over the sink downstairs ROFL!

And yes I do have a life outside of my sugar-free aspirations! I have been busily scrapping and enjoying myself getting my creative on! Here are two pages that I have finished this week for The Lilypad June Challenges and I must say I'm really enjoying them!

This is my page for the TLP June Template Challenge - a rare self portrait!
Credits here

And this is my page for the TLP June Product Challenge!
Credits here

I also posted around a page I made with the GORGEOUS new kit by ForeverJoy Designs - Beautiful Day which is (did I mention already?) gorgeous!

A Perfect Day Today
Credits here

Well I have rabbited on enough for one day, I am off to do some housework and spend time with my Kindle.

I'm reading Cape Storm - book 8 in the Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine - a rollicking fun read with action a aplenty! So until next time .... ta ta!

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