06 February 2008

Project 365 up to the end of January!

I have to admit I am not overly thrilled with some of these photos but these are the best of a bad bunch! I think I might have murdered my photo mojo while I was on holidays because I feel so uninspired to take photos at the moment *sigh*. Anyway here you are - my project 365 photos up to the end of January (missing a day LOL). I hope that I will get a bit more enthused for Feb's pics.

Jan 27 - I was attracted by the glorious colours in my garden today.
Jan 28 - Chelsea letting Tasha pat her :)
Jan 29 - nada!
Jan 30 - Oh the wonderful falling rain!
Jan 31 - My flag & Chimes out on the front veranda

Anyway thanks for looking and ta-ta from me for today, I'll do the rest tomorrow :)


Carol said...

Amanda, love how you've put the photos together like this. Love the gorgeous colours of the leaves.

Carol said...

Amanda ... for you!

Disregard the heading, LOL!

Catriona MacGregor said...

Great photos! I am also doing Project 365...but not posting everyday. I'm doing it weekly with a LO. Then, at the end of the year, I'll actually have finished an album! Woo hoo! Check out my blog to see the pages. http://catriona-macgregor.blogspot.com