13 July 2008

Back from a quick break..........

Well it is the June school holidays here at the moment and the girls are spending a lot of time with Mum, they have cooked and shopped, and gone to the museum and the art gallery but they still complain when they have to go out anywhere, I think that they miss the playstation and the computer hahahaha. It is a real pain working while the kids are on holidays but I am so lucky I have my Mum and Step Dad to look after the girls for me! Love ya to bits Ma! Mwah!

So we decided to go to Hervey Bay to visit hubby's Mum & Step Dad last weekend as we had to bail last time because of colds and stuff. We left Friday night after I finished work for a change and I don't think we will be doing that again for a while LOL. We didn't get in to Hervey Bay until 10.15pm and poor MIL and FIL were waiting patiently for us to get there (they normally go to bed at 8pm). Poor Tasha tried sleeping in the car but kept waking up and was getting quiet grumpy. The semi-trailers on the road at night were a bit scary too some of them looked like cities they were so big and covered in bright lights LOL!

Anyway we had a nice relaxing time and I managed to get through Book one of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series in a day. Fabulous book and now I might have to go out tomorrow and get the next two in the series LOL! The weather was shocking and rained off an on the whole time we were there but it is always nice for the girls to spend time with their Cousin Em (who was holidaying down in Hervey from Townsville). We did manage to grab a little beach time but it was too cold to swim so they just ran up and down the beach and paddled a bit.

Jane if you are reading my blog I have some great photos of the girls with Em but I won't post them here without your permission so let me know if you want to see them OK?

Ok - on the scrapping front I have not done a page all week! Omg I think that this is a record and not a good one! I do have a Pickle Jar Challenge to do by the 15th July and I have started it about four times but I hate them all LOL. I do have to get a page done because pat the Pickle has visited and left a beautiful participation gift by Ann-Marie. Soo hopefully the deadline will force me into creating something hahahaha.

Oh and in some great scrapping news, Natalie has a really great deal going on at the moment! You can buy her whole store at Natalie Bird Designs for $25.00!! Can you believe that?????

What a deal! just click the ad and you can go and check all the lovely goodies in the store right now!

Ok that's it from me for now, I have about four loads of washing to fold and put away and the grocery shopping to do today so I had better get back to real life for a while LOL. ta ta for now!

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Carol said...

What great photos you have taken, it really shows that you don't have to be looking straight at the camera to have a terrific photo. I can't wait to see you scrap them!