21 September 2008

Morning all!

Hi there! Yay the school holidays are here! Thank heavens! The kids have been so ratty recently, I am so glad that they have some quiet time at home these holidays - they really need the rest.

We did kick the holidays off in a grand way by going to see Wall-E at the movies. Tasha and I went together but Bella went with a group of friends and sat up the back of the theater ~ ahh those were the days when you sat up the back of the theatre, these days I need to sit a bit closer to the screen LOL. Tasha and I loved the movie but Bella reckons it was "really ummmm well the graphics were ok" I think she had more fun giggling with her pals. Tomorrow we are having a PJ day and are going to do nothing but sit in front of the TV in our PJs watching DVDs and eating Popcorn! Well that is the plan anyway LOL - and then it is back to work for me and the kids are going to be driving Mum and my Step-Dad up the wall for a few days. Good Luck Mum LOL~!

On the scrapping front, there is NO FRONT - LOL. I have not done a page for AGES! I just can't seem to finish them at the moment - I have about four started but none finished - grrrrrr. I have been helping Annette with the Designer Call going on at PickleberryPop at the moment and that is keeping me useful and busy (which I love). It closes on the 28th September and i can't wait to see who will be joining us!

I wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to my friend Deb who is having a Birthday tomorrow US time! So here you are my friend - a birthday card for you from me with love ;)

Credits: Everything by Ksharonk Designs except the bead alpha by Jen Ulasiewicz

September is such a big month for birthdays! I have a few friends that have their birthdays in September, my online friends Carol and Deb and one of my best-est real life friends Jane has a birthday in a few days AND four (yes FOUR) of my adorable God-Children have birthdays this month too. Two (J & H) are at the beginning of the month and two (M & B) have their birthdays today and tomorrow - I love you all!

And I just wanted to send Mel big squeezy hugs as she struggles to deal with some awful family troubles - you aren't alone Mel.

OK well that's it from me for today - I'm off to have another go at finishing a LO and maybe some housework - yeah right LOL.

Hugs to you all!


Carol said...

Oh oh oh ... can I come for PJ day too? That sounds like a whole lotta fun. Except I have to go back to work grrrrrrr. September is a very busy month for us for birthdays too ... hmmm ... must have been a great new years! ROFLMAO.

Simply Vixen said...

we sure have been missing each other gf...... what holidays? lol
tytyty for my birthday card, I SO totally LUV it!!!
you're the bestest BFF a gal could have mmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!