21 March 2010

Week 10 and 11 and some pages ...

Well I'm sorry but I haven't been here for a bit - the ADSR and CT requirements have been taking up a fair whack of my time but the race (for me) is over now for another year so I am hoping to have a little more spare time for you my dear blog! Speaking of ADSR here are my last few pages ...

Challenge 9 - Create Art!

credits here

Challenge 10 - Life is our Canvas

Credits here

Challenge 11 - A little birdie told me ......

Credits here

Now the final challenge is being done by the lovely Deb as a roadblock and is a card and envelope - apparently there was some drama about the last challenge but we dont buy into all that rubbish so as long as we get checked off we are happy. We have had another fabulous race and all kudos to the team at NDISB for all their hard work, we cant wait until season 6!!

I had better post my P365 pages now - I am only two weeks behind and while the photos aren't anything amazing they are of my day-to-day life in all its humdrum glory lol

Week 10
Credits - Designs by Leora

Week 11
Credits - Designs by Leora

Now at the risk of boring you stupid (are you still awake??) here are a couple of CT pages that I have managed to squeeze in amongst all the other bits and bobs that I have been doing.

This is my page for the current PBP Template Challenge - when I saw the circles I immediately though ... beach! Luckily Carolyn Kite had just put out this adorable beach kit sooo tada!

Credits here

This is a page using the goodies of a brand new designer at Pickleberrypop - Bohemian Art! So excited to have her lovely goodies to play with! This page was using her kit - Imagine

Family is LOVE

Credits here

I just had to use this adorable kit by Dawn Inskip - Rainy Days and Mondays - so yummy!

It never rains, it pours!

Credits here

Luckily for me I had these great pics of the girls splashing in the gutter when I saw this fun new kit of KateF's - Dibble Dabble - look at the funky fresh colours and those too cute ducks!!

Splashing about

Credits here

Now hopefully I am up-to-date with all my posting. I really dont haven en excuse for being late in posting next week soooo I shall say adieu for now and you can expect to see me posting within the week!


Simply Vixen said...

oh I had such fun racing with you again this year gf, altho I can wait til season 6 (whew lol)

gotta tell'ya, I luv your humdrum glory *wink* even the ironing lol

enjoyed your latest pbp pages too, and yes, I do remember the flood, and the girls splash'n about it is just too dang cute!

thanks for sharing, it's one of my favorite coffee breaks!

hugs, deb :-)

Carol said...

More absolutely fabulous pages. I am in love with the beach one. Wow. And have I told you lately that I love your P365 set out? Oh yeah, I tell you that every single time, because it's FAB-U-LOUS!