06 June 2010

Epic FAIL!

Yes another epic fail on my part - my P365 has gone the way of the dodo and become extinct .....sigh! I could offer a lot of excuses like - my point and shoot died a month or two ago and I couldn't be stuffed carrying my big one around everywhere - but its not the only reason. I had dropped off before my point and shoot passed away. I guess I just lacked the commitment and enthusiasm for the project this year, well at least the whole 365 part of it. So I probably COULD still do a project 52 or maybe a Project 12 instead. Hmmmm maybe all is not lost.

I also haven't blogged because sometimes I wonder if I am all alone here at this blog site? Apart from the lovely Carol and Deb I really don't think anyone really reads my blog so it all seems just a tiny bit pointless. I feel like I am waffling away to myself sometimes hehe.

Anyway ..... at the moment I'm thinking about blogging and whether to do it or not ........

Not sure...........

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Carol said...

Oh Amanda, I was overjoyed to see your post come up on my bloglines, but now reading how despondent you sound, saddens me. There's no rules. Even if for the weeks you have missed, if you caught just one photo for that week, make it a full page photo to celebrate the week. Go back through your diaries and journal about what you did. Ahh, but you are probably a perfectionist, just like I. It almost sounds like one of my diets, I eat something I shouldn't then throw the towel in, so I am "getting" you with what you say.

As for waffling, so what if you are waffling to no one but us, we love your waffle, don't we Deb? Okay, equate this with a diary. Remember we would keep diaries when we were younger. They weren't for any audience except ourselves. A blog is kind of like a diary, but with things you don't mind going public with.

So if people happen by and read your wafflings, they may not comment, but I bet there are others reading apart from Deb and I (LOL) because we've always got to put our two cents in and comment ;-) for every one of our comments, there's probably another that doesn't.

You know what's going to happen don't you? If you stop blogging, you'll just spend all your time at that darn farm in Facebook! LOL