01 March 2009

Project 365 - Feb 22 to Mar 1

Hey there, I'm popping in to post my photos for the week (on time this time) LOL. Not a lot to chat about so I will get straight to it :

Day 54
My cheeky little girl still likes posing for photos and is always willing to pop that cute smile on when Mummy points the camera at her.

Day 55
So the diet is still going along pretty well and I am trying to make sure that I make my lunch for work ahead of time so I don't have to fuss around. This is my lunch for two days, it's a bacon and zucchini slice (no pastry just egg) to be eaten with a green salad - and I have to tell you it tastes YUMMY! I snuck a bit off the edge as a part of mine stringent quality assurance program ROFL.

Day 56
Tasha started Brownie Guides this afternoon and she was thrilled to be making pancakes. She loves being in the Brownie troop as there are more kids than at Gumnuts and they do "big girl stuff" which she thinks is just great!

Day 57
Look at this cute little mushroom I found in my garden this morning!

Day 58
This morning I was woken by the sound of a noisy cacophony of raucous sound. Squabbling, screeching and being down right loud these Major Mitchell Cockatoos were having a great time across the road from us.

Day 59
Chelsea is starting to fill out a bit now that she is better and has a healthier sheen to her fur now, thank heavens.

Day 60
I got up close and personal to this Grevillia flower today, I just love the colour!

Well that is all from me for this evening, I have to go and do my 30 min workout and then do some ironing LOL. I will be back tomorrow to tell you about some of the great challenges happening at Pickleberrypop this month (you can even win a $10 GC for the PBP store - WOOHOO!!!!) oh and I have to post some LOs that I have made during the week. I have been a busy little scrapping beaver and I have created a few, so I think that they deserve their own post :). So bye from me!


Brook said...

You are doing such an awesome job of keeping up with your 365!

gabs aka evitangel said...

such great pics Amanda! great to see you blogging :)

Carol said...

Oh look at that sweet girl Chelsea. You take such beautiful pictures of her. Beautiful pictures all round I should say.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous pics Amanda - I was really drawn to the mushroom :)

Simply Vixen said...

great macro shots gf!!!
and I'll never tire of The Girls!
(bet you're glad they're not tired of p365 yet lol)

ScrapManda said...

Sweet pics! Thanks for visiting my photo blog too ;) Taking some hints away with me...the zuch. slice. Actually took a grevilla shot myself last week but didn't end up using it!