31 March 2009

Project 365 - 23 Mar to 29 Mar

It still freaks me out that I am still going with this project - and even my family are starting to get interested in what I am doing and are becoming more than unwilling victims of my paparazzi attacks they are even suggesting things for me to photograph. The biggest shock came from hubby when he said today that I should take a photo once a week of each of our faces so that we can have a record of how our faces change over the course of a year. I think that this interest from him has a lot to do with the fact that he is on the diet with me and I have been telling him how much slimmer his face is looking ROFL. So next week you may very well see (in addition to my project photos) a photo of the four of us - should be fun!

Ok enough blabbering - on to the project photos for last week!

Day 82
Bella knows that there is no point asking Mum to help her with her maths homework - unless I can have my calculator there next to I am frankly less than useless! Luckily Dad came home from work early and was able to help!

Day 83
It amazes me the straits I go to to take a self portrait just because I am too lazy to set up a tripod and do it properly ROFL!

Day 84
It was amazing the pile of junk mail that was in my letterbox this afternoon!

Day 85
Wow I was soooo pleased with how this photo turned out - the beams of light shooting upwards were so pretty.

Day 86
There is nothing like a sunny Autumn morning to hang out your sheets and to get that lovely fresh smell.

Day 87
As I said earlier my family are starting to take an interest in the project and Tasha decided to take her own self portrait this morning - how cute!

Day 88
What is it they say about curiosity and cats? There is nothing more irresistible to Chelsea than a tipped over box - it's a shocker of a photo but I was giggling madly and trying to do it quickly!

Well that's all from me for this weeks project - I will be back later with some scrap pages and some information about Pickleberrypop's exciting new April Challenges!!


Carol said...

I'm amazed I'm keeping on with 365 also, but a lot of it has to do with you, I wonder if you know that?

So lovely to see your hubby in a shot, and what a great idea to take a pic of your faces, that would make an awesome page all on it's own, lots of faces all over the page, almost morphing from one to the other as you look at them.

I looooooove junk mail !!! Is that wrong?

And I'm not even going to ask how you got up higher than your clothes line to look down on it in the photo. Ladder? Or a two storey house? Hmmm.

Chelsea is an absolute darling. Bo says hello, or ... meow.

Dawn said...

Oi me old mucker... it's Dawnie 'ere, checking in to make sure you're still going with this project - which of course you are, I didn't doubt for one minute :) Loving everyday stuff - it's what makes us real :) And even a pic of your delightful friendly face - which kind of makes me feel proud that we're buddies... gorgeous insight into your life way way down there upside down xxx

gabs aka evitangel said...

love to see you up to date and it's a great thing to capture a photo of you all!

Brook said...

I am so with you on the junk mail! It amazes me how much has to go in the recycling bin. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping up with your photos.

Success Coach - Kristi said...

I love your photos! I admire your tenacity!! (blogger needs spell check!) You are just as adorable as when I met you in ... 06!?!?! Yes, I think so! April 06 if I recall correctly. This has certainly become a wonderful journey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. HUGS! Kristi

Annierose said...

I'm loving watching your journey Amanda! Yes, what a hoot - cats & laundry ... we do have some commonalities!

Ilike the idea of weekly 'face' photos (not that I want mine on my blog!)


ScrapManda said...

Awesome sunset pic Amanda! You're continuing to inspire my "weekly" pics too!

Melissa said...

Good job keeping up with project365. I was doing it last year, started halfway through and made it 160 but Christmas killed me.

Melissa said...

Back again, I'm sending you an award: