01 February 2009

Project 365 - Jan 26 to Jan 31

Ok so I'm back on track with my Sunday posting now and I have even scrapped a page for the PBP CT so I have had a very productive day. Now all I need to do is finish my article for the next newsletter and I will be feeling pretty good LOL

Here are this weeks photos for your perusal:

Day 26
Here are my kids - made in Australia and growing strong with security and freedom - we really are the lucky country!

Day 27
Yahoooooo it's back to school tomorrow, the last of the books are packed in the backpacks tonight, the lunch boxes are placed on the kitchen bench and the water bottles are filled and in the fridge! Bring it on!!

Day 28
OK people this is what happens when you start your new job on the same day that the kids go back to school - you ask, very nicely mind you, if your husband would very much mind taking a photo of the kids before he takes them to school - not a big ask really. But what happens when you get home to inspect the photos - you find that there is only ONE photo and the kids both had their eyes closed. Now I am a patient woman, really I am but I ask you!! ONE photo!! *sigh*

Day 29
We have a caramel lover in our family, not a caramel TART lover mind you, just caramel! So how do you eat just caramel from a caramel tart?? With a spoon!

Day 30
Now I have to admit that I have always envied ladies who lunch, it was always something that seemed so luxurious, so decadent. Now that I only work Tues, Wed & Thursday's I now have two days off a week for a little me time. So when my bestie J suggested lunch as she was on holidays - I was so excited. I am now a lady who lunches LOL (admitedly it has only been the once so far!)

Day 31
I wonder why I bought the Playstation?? So I could watch Tasha lounge on the couch gripped by her obsession? I wanted to make the photo a bit more edgy so I ran a lightroom action called Dream on it - I like how it came out.

Well that's me for another week - happy snapping fellow addicts!!


Simply Vixen said...

watching Tasha lounge on the couch gripped by her obsession? hmmm, wonder who she takes after? LOL

and I see a restaurant SIGN? haha
oh, I just luv signs!

Fab Fotos gf!
just wonderin... is hubs camera-shy? lol


Annierose said...

Hi Amanda - Thank you for all your fantastic sharing! I have nominated you for the Marie Antoinette Award which you can pick up from my blog.

Keep up the great work!

Annie xx

Carol said...

What a great assortment of photographs. Must admit I remember the eyes shut first day of school photos too! hahahaha Oh you've brought back memories. Really really love how these photographs are coming together, snippets of your year.