18 April 2009

A Happy Easter-birthday-weekend away!

I've been a bit slack about posting this last week sorry but I have been recovering from a busy busy FUN busy Easter weekend and I just wasn't in a blogging mood. But I thought I had better catch up before another week over took me and I fall incredibly behind in my project posting. I hope you don't mind - I took a leaf out of my pal Carol's book and put my photos for the past week into a page rather than post them all individually - so here you have my week in review for the period April 6 to April 12.

Everything - including the Photo-a-day template - comes from the talented Deb Fisher. I haven't posted it anywhere but here and i probably won't because I am feeling very lazy :)

I alluded to the fact in the post title that there was a birthday over the Easter weekend - yes it was mine, I am now a year older and hopefully a little wiser. I had a lovely day and I was spoilt rotten by everyone. My lovely MIL cooked my favorite meals for me and I was bathed in love and affection! I did put on 1.50 kilos (groan) from all that loving but I am working really hard now to get it off again and get back into my weight loss regime. It is very scary how easy it is to slip off the wagon and become a bit lazy with your eating habits again. I guess it is because a high protein low carb diet can be a bit hard to manage especially at lunch time, when everyone is tucking in to rolls and sandwiches! Anyway ....... when I got back home to Brisbane after being away I found this adorable birthday card made for me by Carol posted at PBP - isn't she a love? Thanks hun - I love it :)

It's been a bit quiet on the scrapping front for me this past week I have to admit but I did manage to get a page done before we took off to Hervey Bay for Easter with Kate's funtastic Easter kit - Hopping Mad! here's my page - Eggs in trees!

Credits here

Seriously aren't those bunnies adorable??? Have a look at all the fun goodies in the Hopping Mad kit

Ok that's all from me right now - I have a few things cooking in the background that are taking up my time including getting my PBP challenge for next month sorted out, and some other bits and pieces so I had better get back to it. Catch you later!


The Josephs Family said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Love the new header, too, BTW! :)

Carol said...

First of all love the page layout. See, I'm a journalling freak, I need to read as well as see, I think that will be fun in years to come to look back and read.

Love the family photo, it's beautiful. And TBL, wooo hooooo. Okay, my thoughts - Bob has *GOT* to get back in, I want him to win so bad. And if not him I hope Sean gets back in tonight. The two have played with the utmost integrity, yeah yeah I know it's a game but they are my picks. Very unassuming guys and both great weight losses.

I laughed at the thought of the "car park", I almost have a visual of you hanging out the window of your car taking that. You need a warning sign on the back of your car "scrapbooker on board" (says me who took a picture as Mike was driving of the rain on the windscreen yesterday, ROFLMAO)

Mousey said...

Happy Belated birthday tooo yoouuu! (imagine terrible singing LOL)
My bday is in two weeks. On Mother's Day LOL

I'm glad someone else watches TBL every night LOL although is it sad that my 5yo knows every contestant's name?

ScrapManda said...

Very cute Easter LO...love Kate's kit!

Annie said...

Love your layouts Amanda! You've done well keeping up with it all!

I enjoy your blog immensely! Thank you for keeping me interested!

Annie xx

gabs aka evitangel said...

happy, happy birthday to you and your new header is totally awesome!

fun fliffy said...

i love everything in your blog... neat and love your fun designs !!!
thanks for visiting

Melissa said...

Beautiful layout. Love the weekly review layout too.

HulasWithHalo said...

Belated birthday wishes Amanda...my now 17 year old DD had a birhtday over the Easter weekend also...14th April. I love your cute bunny LO and your wonderful header. Thanks for stoppin by my blog to check up on me...Ive missed poppin in and hanging with all you great ladies @ PBP. Hugs n smiles bouncin your way xoxo :)

LVMommy22 said...

hiya A, i saw you stopped by. i've been MIA for awhile. i need to catch up with everybody! happy belated b-day! my dd turned five on the 16th. love the family photo for your b-day - what a great photo and what a great idea! we did a fam photo at xmas, but i haven't got them in the mail yet, lol! one is even addressed to you! i just posted a short bit on my blog. nothing important but one thing: ds is officially cancer free!!! yay!!! there's also a pretty picture of dd's b-day cake.
love and kisses,
:) M