14 January 2009

ADSR Week 2

YAY I have finished this weeks challenge nice and early this time, mainly because I am off work and also because I will be away down the Coast for a few days from Saturday so I was trying to clear my to-do list before I start packing.

Luckily for me my wonderful hubby has arranged for me to have limited internet access while we are away so I won't miss any of my challenges so as long as we keep getting checked off we will be eligible to go in the draw for the grand prize. Deb and I had decided that the prize didn't matter it was the race that matters most but we both (I think) breathed a sigh of relief when hubby said he could fix it for me to keep racing ROFL!

So here are this week's ADSR pages...

Challenge 3 was from Gotta Pixel and it involved finding the first LO you have uploaded into a gallery and re-do it, using the same photo and the same text. I re-did the first LO in my DST gallery Baby Mine and here is my new page -

Baby Mine
Credits here

Challenge 4 was a fair bit harder and was hosted by Tangie Baxter so you KNOW it's going to be altered in some way LOL. Tangie wanted us to create a page that had Art and Soul. If you want to know more about what that means you can go here, to Tangie's blog, to read more about it.

Anyway here is my page - Altered Art isn't really my cup of tea but I do like how this turned out. I put a lot into it and if you want to read the journalling go to the credits.

This too shall pass
Credits here

Well this is all I have for now for ADSR and I now have to wait (im) patiently until Sunday for the next challenge. Oh you can check out my fab partner Deb's pages on her blog HERE, they are great AND she is doing the Project 365 too - it's a bloggy year for my pal.

Thanks for looking!


amson said...

Amanda I love your layouts especially "This too shall pass". Have a wonderful break.

Simply Vixen said...

oh gf ya just know that I LUV the lift of Tasha (luv'd it so much that I lifted it lol)and you are my Journaling Hero! nice work, partner! sure is great to be racin with'ya again this season!

Colonel R Farquhear RCC (rtd) said...

I'm Ian, and like many things about the net, sometimes you can come across fascinating things entirely by accident. Whilst looking for another artist the search brought up the usual miscellaneous options, one of which was people linked to Pickleberry Pop.
It's a great site with interesting ideas and projects. It could be good to have it linked with local library and history sites to help stimulate similar projects in other communities.
Also I felt I had to make a comment about your work Amanda. It's very good. As an artist myself, I can tell when someone innately has an artist's eye. Your sense of design and layout and juxtaposition of content is excellent. You should consider doing further Visual Arts training if you haven't already. Your framing ability with photography is very good too, some nice shots which are as good as many I see in photographic mags. Upgrading to a 'serious amateur' level camera can be a mindblower if you don't have one already, and can afford it.
Keep doing the Altered Art stuff, I like where you're going with that. You could consider doing some themed art books made up of pages such as this.
I hope you don't mind me placing this comment out of the blue. I won't have time to look at everyone else's sites, but if there anything like yours then you're all doing some fine creative work.
Have fun!