11 January 2009

Project 365 - week 2

I am really enjoying Project 365 right now! Deb's great challenge over at Pickleberrypop is really helping to keep the motivation going and I am finding it easier to remember to actually take the photos this time around .... so without further ado here are my photos for this week!

My new regime of naturopathic remedies taste revolting so they MUST be good for me! It was a blurry photo but I ran Kelsey Smith's Love and Loss lightroom preset over it and I liked how it turned out!

First thing in the morning the sun streams in through the dining room curtains - I love the light and shadow!

My poor Ficus struggling along completely neglected and under-pruned!

Chelsea was trying really hard not to look at me - she doesn't like me pointing the camera at her LOL

The wonderful farewell gifts from my friends at QBC came in this beautifully wrapped box!

I loved this photo of Bella who seems to be adopting these moody poses these days (must be adolescence arriving!eeek) - I ran a vintage lightroom preset over it to accentuate her mood (not sure whose preset it is though!

This little fellow turned up in our garden this morning - it was a surprise because we don't see many snails here - well live ones anyway. The kids were quiet excited and they thought that he looked very slippery!

Well that's all from me for another week ... keep up the good work everyone ... we can go the distance!


Deb said...

fabulous photos Amanda! lovely to see them all together like this too.

Kristin's ScrapDesign said...

Wow, great photos Amanda. Love the portrait of your daughter and your cat Chelsea!

Simply Vixen said...

like omg gf I do believe this is the first time I've seen a purty picture of your furry friend, Chelsea... just purrrrrrrfect (me thinks Dudie is lookin' for a new gf too lol) Oh, and the view of the Morning Sunshine is just lovely! I think I can feel a warm Aussie breeze... aaaaaaaaah, thanks bunches, I needed that! WTG on week 2!!!

Sharon said...

How wonderful all of your photos are Amanda! Love the variety of things you're shooting and your DD is just stunning.

ScrapManda said...

LOVE your photos --- very inspiring! The snail one is fabulous!

Dawn said...

photo's are all devine and the black sure makes them pop... I'm loving this challenge :)

Jenny said...

Your photos are amazing! Love them all!!!

Carol said...

OMG Amanda, if you started this Project 365 to improve your photography, you've no where to go my friend, these are absolutely stunning.