10 June 2008

I've been a bit quiet

Yes I know I've been a bit quiet but I do have a good excuse. After the tonsillitis grudgingly gave way to the antibiotics and bid me a fond farewell, I found to my utter horror that I had developed a head cold. Now while I know intellectually that it is impossible to catch a cold via the internet, I would like to point out that my friend Carol is currently in the grips of a nasty cold - coincidence?? I DON'T THINK SO! LOL. Only joking Carol......

Well I tried to take it easy this weekend and I didn't do much housework at all. Tasha has a cold too so we lay around not doing much at all, and of course Bella was happy playing on the computer for all hours. Hubby was working like a demon in the back room to prepare the new wardrobes (plastering, sanding and painting) for the doors which we hope will arrive this week - yippee! He is such a clever man and so handy to have around. I wonder what jobs I can think of for him next LOL!

When I did get off my sick bed (again) I felt that I needed to catch up on my posting around the boards and to work on my CT commitments so I posted for ages and then did a LO with Natalie's great new kit - Over the Rainbow, available at Pickleberrypop

And here is my LO - Tasha in the Park

Credits as always are here

In other CT news - The lovely Anna Benjamin @ Studio Anna is putting out later in the week these super cute Butterflies called Madam Butterfly, in both Swarms and Singles

and I had lots of fun using them on this LO.

Butterfly Princess

Credits here

Ok then well it's late now so I had best head off for the night. I am hoping that once I shake off this cold I will be back and posting like mad again. So ta ta from me for tonight!


Carol said...

Oh you poor thing. It is horrid isn't it? I bet you look like a red nosed reindeer right about now and those tissues feel like sandpaper. {{{hugs}}} If it makes you feel better mine lasted just over a week and now I feel right as rain.

As for the Butterfly Princess, oh my! What a look she's giving you. That is just precious.

Simply Vixen said...

am so glad you didn't overexert yourself, especially with housework while you were ill gf lol
it's nice to see you up and about, and having fun again! SO glad you're feeling better!

just LUV the photo of Tasha in the park, and she is certainly a princess, with or without the butterflies! luvly pages gf!

stay well, will catch up with'ya this weekend! hugs!

Susie Roberts said...

I just love this butterfly princess layout, Amanda. You've done a great extraction here. It's such a pretty kit too.