04 June 2008

Hello World!

Oh wow what an incredibly awful and yet wonderful week I have just had! Sounds confusing? Well it is a bit I guess LOL. The awful part was the gross bout of tonsillitis that I experienced in the last week that I am (thankfully) recovering from now – thank heavens for the wonder of modern medicine and those fabulous antibiotics LOL. Lucky the old tonsil’s didn’t abscess and I am now out of the worst part – yippee! But of course during my period of ill health the family went to hell in a hand-basket and the house now looks like a cluster bomb has exploded in it! So what is so wonderful about having tonsillitis at your age?? I hear you ask! Well actually nothing! Nothing at all!

As usual scrapping provides me with the most wonderful moments in my life (outside of the kids, hubby and my friends of course!!!). Natalie surprised my little cotton socks off by using one of my Los in the DST insider to highlight her gorgeous kit The Valley! Now I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me, it is the closest that I will ever get to being famous in the scrapping world and I was just tickled pink that Natalie likes that page! So if anyone has access to a copy of the DST insider, there I am on page 13, well my “I Promise” LO is anyway LOL! Such a thrill.

And because I was so happy, both to be featured AND to be rid of the dreaded lurgie I decided to create a desktop for June using Natalie’s gorgeous Vogue Collection Part 1 (after running it past Nat of course to give away as my very first EVER blog freebie here!!) – oh and I used the delightful Kylie Clark’s squished alpha brush too – very cool!!

If you are interested HERE is the link and it contains two sizes of Desktop ummm 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024, enjoy! I hope you enjoy my first attempt and let me know if you like it and I MIGHT make another one for July LOL! Of course the freebie doesn't have the way cute photo of my cat in it LOL!!

Well anyway, I had better run along as while I am loads better I am still really tired by the end of the day. I really just wanted to pop in and blow my own horn for a little bit LOL! So ta ta for now! Hugs


Simply Vixen said...

woohoo this bloggy update is just loaded with good news! am so glad you're feeling better gf, Big Congrats on the Insider 'Featured Scrapper' LO, and thanks for the freebie lol it's beautiful (and on my desktop)


LVMommy22 said...

wow! look at you! published and giving away freebies! very impressive indeed!

i'm in the process of signing up for live messenger and was trying to find you e-mail. live doesn't like the one deb gave me for you.

:) M

Carol said...

Oh my! How absolutely adorable is this desktop. You're so clever.