10 October 2009

Good morning friends!

Well it has been one LOOOOOng week here I can tell you! I have been having a migraine cluster and a half and even though I am on medication they kept coming!! Last count was 5 in four days!! Eeeek. Thankfully I have come out the other end now (phew) and (touch wood) every thing has settled down again. Needless to say my scrapping, housework, parenting and work duties have all suffered to varying degrees AND I believe that I have missed two days in my P365 *sob*! But I can't complain - its over for now!

Today I am taking Bella to try on her new High School uniforms and order them so they will be ready for next year. We are going with friends of ours so the girls can giggle and have fun while her mother and I have to be resuscitated over the price of everything! Its at times like this when I wonder why we didn't go public schooling and I am pretty sure I'll think it again when we get our first semester school fees hahahaha!

I'll let you in on a secret, I am making Bella a Photo Book to commemorate her Primary School years! I have done most of the hard word so far, except for Grade 7, and I just have some class photos to scan in. I'm pretty pleased with it so far - it's not a work of art but then it isn't supposed to be, its a record of the past 9 years of her life! Of course I can't do Grade 7 yet as I want to put in photos of her graduation and certificate presentations etc etc but hopefully it will be ready by the time she for her starting High School next January! This last term is going to fly by so quickly!

I think I have a page to share with you that I did a little while ago for Cheryl with her luscious new kit La Serenissima that I held off posting until the Two Little Pixels Newsletter came out. I really loved the yummy rich blues in this kit!

Mandy Lou

Credits here

Well I have loads of things to catch up today so I had better get a move on - thanks for hanging out with me! ta ta for now!


Carol said...

Ooooh I can't wait to see the photobook Amanda, it will be sensational I'm sure. And Bella will love it, seeing herself in print like that. What a special gift.

Carol said...

PS : I'm so sorry about your migraine you poor thing.