03 October 2009

Is facebook the end of my blog?

Hmmm the jury is still out on that one at the moment but I am starting to think so. My FB page is much more up to date than my poor neglected blog. But I don't plan on letting go with out a fight and once I have come back from harvesting my Farmville crops, battling rampaging wizards on School of Magic, planting onions on my Island and dealing with blood suckers on Vampire Wars, I am SO coming back here to update my blog ROFL *stupid FB*. But I am still taking my daily photo I promise you and I am still amazed that I have made is so far throughout the year I mean wow it's October and I am still on track! And after tomorrow i will have endless netball photos to take now that Bella will be starting Summer season netball. Its a first for both of us, she has never played club netball before and I have never watched it before (or even understand it to be honest! Ball games are so not my thing!). But you know I look at it as a mother's duty to spend perfectly good scrapping time watching sweaty teenagers run around a court ROFL!

Seeing as I am here and posting I would like to share with you this page I did the other day that I love - the colours are just so vibrant and so different from all the Fall kits that we are seeing at the moment (that I have to admit that I am a bit over, please dont hate me!).

My Pretty Petals

Credits here

Oh and I have to share this page that I did for the Colour Challenge over at Pickleberrypop this month - You make me Smile!

Credits here

Ok I had better hit the road, there are a few things I need to do before I hit the hay.


Carol said...

Oh I am hearing you, that darn bejewelled game has me in! LOL Goodness what three-dimensional pages you have done here, the shadow work is absolutely amazing. Bravo.

fazzbech said...

Blogs are dead, give it up already! hahahaha

Michele said...

Nonsense - I love the intimacy of a blog - and while I farm, and wizz I still end up on the blog.

Glad to see you haven't quite given it up.