24 May 2009

It's a fly by posting of the CT variety

Hi I'm just shooting past with a quick blog post - I'm doing a bit of blog hopping this morning and I hope that I make it to all your blogs to say Hi!!

I would like to post some of the pages that I have scrapped this week - I went on a bit of a scrapping bender late in the week and this is the result :)

The Sea
using Olga Unger's great new Sea Paradise

Credits here

There is something so magical about the sea. It is a vastly powerful force, untameable, unknowable and yet so intriguing. Here is my DD walking alone the beach at Hervey Bay pondering the mysteries of the sea.

Close to you
inspired by the Carpenter's song :) and using Dawn Inskip's fab new Strawberry Crush

Credits here

Looking at Natasha I often have this song just pop into my head, when she was little I would sing it to her with her Lullabies at bedtime. I think it's the angels appearing and sprinkling "moondust in your hair and starlight in your eyes of blue oooooh oh" that gets me every time!

The Beach
using Joanne Bain's delicious new kit Beachy Treasure

Credits here

One of the things Tasha enjoys most about our trips to the Gold Coast is the feeling of digging into the sand and discovering all the wonderful treasures hidden there.

Oh and I found these two pages that I created at the end of last week but forgot to post!

Mother's Day
using Joanne Bain's adorable new kit - Summer Dayz

Credits here

Every year the four of us pose for our Mother's Day photo - Mum, the girls and me. I love looking back and seeing us in our special Mother's Day photo and seeing how much we are changing each year! I did this page for the Pickle Jar Challenge - thanks Pat!

Cuddles from my Kitty
using FruitLoOp Sally's Organic Artisty

Credits here

My silly cat is terrified of the birds in our backyard and hides from them in the bushes all the time. But when I come out into the backyard to hang out washing she always runs over to me meowing - as if to show the birds she's not scared - this is one of the few times she lets me pick her up and give her a cuddle

I'm a bit stunned to see that I have scrapped 5 pages in the space of a week and a couple of days! If I keep this up I am going to fall into a mojo rut soon rofl!

Well that is all from me today - I will be back tomorrow with this week's Project page and I can say that with confidence because it's all finished except for todays photo LOL so I will have no excuse hahaha.


Carol said...

And you know what, you haven't "just scrapped", you've created mini masterpieces with each and every one. I do so love that striped beach one, it evokes such emotion. And of course Chelsea is perfect but you knew I'd say that didn't you?!?! LOL

Melissa said...

You have been busy, beautiful pages. Love the top one with the weathered paper and elements and gorgeous photos.

Simply Vixen said...

wow gf
sure am glad I don't hafta pick a favorite, they're all fabulous!
Wonderful Mother's Day page, great foto of everyone!

malacima said...

wonderful esp.Love first and last!!!