23 May 2009

Project 365 - 11 May to 17 May

Well another week goes by and I realise that I still haven't posted my last Project page here. Maybe I just like to work behind the deadline LOL. I have managed to get last weeks page finished and maybe if I REALLY concentrate I will actually post my current weeks page on Monday!

Project 365 - May 11 to May 17

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally!

It's been a busy week really with lots going on at home and work. I had Tasha home sick on Monday, a busy day at work on Tuesday and then Wednesday this week was particularly exciting/scary when we had the biggest "rain event" here in Brisbane since the 70's (so I have heard). There was so much rain that we had widespread flooding across the city. At work my car is parked in a side street and all morning the water ran down the road steadily. but after staying at the gutter level all morning it suddenly rose high enough to put an inch of water in my car.

I ran out and moved my car to higher ground in the street (soaking my shoes and my trousers to the knees in the process) only to find that when I went to leave work that afternoon I had to wade through thigh deep water just to get out of my work place. Here is what the road where I was parking in the morning looked like when I went home - can you see a gap between two submerged cars on the left hand side? That is where I WAS parked - omg!

At the end of the trees is a main intersection and it was just chaos down there, detours helped ease the problem though. Wow what a day! The trip home was exciting as a few streets on the way home were closed. I can't complain though, so many people lost their household possessions and their cars! So I am really lucky!

Anyway - it's late and I will come back and post some pages that I have made tomorrow! I promise! tata!

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Simply Vixen said...

great fotos gf
the steam in the bathroom is interesting! hope you enjoyed the bath *wink*