02 May 2009

Project 365 - Apr 20 to Apr 26 & a GREAT reveal!

Hi everyone, how is everything going with you? Things have been a bit messed up here with me unfortunately *sniff* I got another migraine on Wednesday and it has taken me until today to shake the darn thing! I am pretty sure I know what triggered it (lunch at an Asian cafe) but I'm not sure WHAT in lunch triggered it (they say there is no msg in their products). It was pretty nasty and I felt so fragile for three days, I couldn't even look outside the windows because the light hurt - but anyway I'm better now and I won't be eating THERE again so all's well that ends well!

I have finally finished last weeks Project photos and I have created another page for it - it really is an easy way of showing off the photos :)

Credits: DebF's Year in Review template & paper & everything else from ksharonk designs.

There are lots of things going on in the background that I am working on and I can't wait to share some of them with you but until then you will have to make do with this BIG REVEAL!!

Here is the GORGEOUS Free kit with purchase available from Pickleberrypop right now .......

The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree
{inter}-National Scrapbooking Day at pickleberrypop.com, 1st to 3rd May, 2009

All digital products 30% off,
except for commercial use, most 20% off!

Spend $15AUD (approx. $10USD) or more and receive The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 1 FREE!


Spend $22AUD (approx. $15USD) or more and receive The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 1 AND The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 2 FREE!
* see full conditions in store

Isn't FANTABULOUS??????? I love it to bits.

I had a play with this gorgeous kit last week and came up with these three very different pages to show how versatile this kit is!

Credits here

The Magic in a Book
Credits here

You make me Believe
Credits here

Well that is all from me right now - I have lots of stores to check out for iNSD as I have decided to spend some of my hard earned cash on some of the fabulous sales that will be going on over the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend too!!!!


ScrapManda said...

Sorry to hear about your migrane! I'm a suffer too :( I can't believe it's been 11 years since your last margarita!!! Will have to do something about that! Cactus Jacks at Logan --- sometime soon??

katef said...

Oh loving your LOs with the enchanted kit... especially that last one!
Hope the head feels better soon!

Belanna said...

As a fellow sufferer, I know entirely what you mean, migraine days are the worst! So I'm glad you've managed to shake it hun!

But what's all this about things going on in the background? Don't keep us in suspense...pleeeease!

Dawn said...

Happy Sunday :) Gorgeous pages my angel - as always and loving your P365 'weekly review' pages - feet up in the air, sunshine - wish I was an Aussie :) Loadsa love xx

Dawn said...

It's only me ... checking up on you again LOL I'm a little behind (well a nig one actually!) with uploading my P365 stuff, but I'll get there :) xx

Carol said...

Oh my lordy lord, look at your beautiful pages. Not to mention your project page. I'm soooooo far behind now. How does that happen? You turn your back for a second and wham, it's nearly a month later. Heck. Sorry to hear about the migraine, {{{hugs}}}

Simply Vixen said...

sure do love your pages gf
and the extraction in fairies is just fab!

malacima said...

fantastic pages!!!