09 December 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas ....

There are toys in all the stores and even some in my cupboard right up the very back where sticky fingers and curious eyes can't find them *wink*. Yes I have very nearly completed my Christmas shopping, just a S.A.N.T.A gift for the girls and presents for Nana and Poppy and Grandpa and I am all done yahoooo. I have the tree up and decorated and I have nagged hubby about getting the outdoor Xmas lights up (to no avail so far sadly!) but I confess that I haven't started on the Christmas cards yet sigh! I really really REALLY need to start this BUT ......

I did do a couple of Christmas pages so I AM feeling the Christmas spirit moving I just need to get motivated to sit down and write up the cards!

The lovely and talented KateF very kindly let me have a play with her GORGEOUS Stocking Stuffer Grab bag which is just jam packed with some of the most fabulous stuff. My special favorite is the Raining Deers kit - yes there is a whole kit in that grab bag ACTUALLY there are !!!! Check it out here! Or click the preview ...

Isn't the preview cute? Dawn Inskip, one of our clever designers at PBP designed it for the Stocking Stuffers! So cute!!

The minute I saw Kate's bag I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! Now I don't usually scrap myself because the girls are much prettier than me but it was a story that had to be told ROFL!

Credits here

I had to do the fun Sing-A-Song of Christmas Challenge at Pickleberrypop and of course I had to scrap my all time favorite song - Silent Night. Silent Night was always a favorite of mine when it came to Carol by Candlelight nights and I would always sing as loudly as I could so that I could hit the high notes . But when I had Bella the song became more than just a lovely Christmas Carol – it became a symbol of the beauty, hope and innocence of children – and it became even more special to me.

Silent Night
Credits here

And my last bit of scrapping for the week is this page I did for the latest Pickle Jar Challenge that wanted us to scrap about our traditions at Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the placing of the Angel on the tree. One of the girls gets to put it on the tree and the other one takes it off after Christmas. The next year they swap over. Part of the tradition is that my DH has to lift them up so that they can reach the top. I noticed this year that Bella is getting a bit big for the lifting part of this particular tradition

Placing the Angel
Credits here.

Ok that's all from me right now - I will be back later because it's a special day today and I will post in more detail later on. But at the moment I actually want to be PART of the special day and not just talking about it on here iykwim?

So ta ta from me for now :)


Carol said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, all the layouts. I know you might not like to scrap yourself, but it's so important for the girls to be able to look back on you and your stories too, so do it more often, okay????

Love your face, yes you look very surprised.

As for the other layouts, wowsers! That wreath in Silent Night, I HAVE TO HAVE IT !!! Off to buy it! You enabler you! te he

Heather said...

Happy Holidays, Amanda! Sounds like you're doing well - it will all come together in the next two(!!) weeks! :-)

Belanna said...

I so love your Surprise! layout...I wonder if I could get away with that??? Miss you tons!

Belanna said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas hun, and that the New Year is full of wonderful new surprises!!!

LVMommy22 said...

hiya sweetie! sorry i haven't been around lately. how was your christmas? dh took the kids to san diego and they're having a wonderful time with my family. i miss them though. they'll be back on sunday and i can't wait.
:) M