30 December 2008

A little something for you ....

Well today was another quiet one here at my place, the family is still away - but boy was it a hot and humid one, and apparently tomorrow will be worse - 34C!! YUCK! I will almost be glad to be at work tomorrow in the air-conditioning. I haven't done much around the place today, some washing of sheets and towels and I watched the last movie of The lord of the rings this afternoon. My all time favorite movie, ever ever! I still cry like a baby at the end - silly hey?

But I am really just popping in to let you know I have actually been a little productive over the last couple of days and I wanted to share my flurry of activity with you. Over at DST one of the Aussie girls let out a call for Summery desktops for January because lets face it people, all the lovely freebie ones are all sparkling and glistening with snowy prettiness, which while nice in the right setting, looks damn odd on a computer where the owner has a line of sweat rolling down her back while she creates LOL.

So Annette being the wonderful and motivated person that she is asked the CT to come up with some Summery goodness for all our Down Under kin and well, as I had nothing else to do, I stuck up my hand ROFL! As soon as I saw the Summery theme I thought of Sharon's fabulous Beach Play kit over @ Pickleberrypop. So off I went and here is the result: Umm did I mention it was free??

If you like it click on the image and it will take you to the PBP store where you can get it for free! How cool is that? I am so in love with the preview Annette made for it! Isn't it the most fab thing you have seen?? I am so excited, I never thought that I would ever see anything I created in a store, anyway enough gushing from me!

Talking of Sharon - have you been over to her Etsy store yet??

It is called Sugared Bling and there are some absolutely gorgeous earrings in there that have been made by Sharon and her talented daughter Tash. I have drooled over these earrings for a while now but one of my fabulous friends sent me a pair for Christmas which I love to bits (seriously woman I don't know how you knew!!!!). So if you are in the mood for some totally adorable handmade earrings head on over to Sharon's Sugared Bling, you will be glad you did!

Well it is still stinking hot here and I have a line of sweat rolling down my back but in a minute I will be looking at my lovely Summery Desktop (yes the preview image is the one that is on my computer too LOL) and hopefully feeling a bit cooler. If that doesn't work I am going to put on the air-con in my bed room and head off early tonight - so ta ta from me!

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Carol said...

I got me some Sugared Bling too. I wonder if your fabulous friend was the same as my fabulous friend, because I got a surprise package in the mail too, ROFL. Happy New Year to you dear friend, looking forward to another year of blogging and sharing in your family exploits via this medium. :D