29 December 2008

Is it wrong?

Well.............IS it wrong to waste the quiet time you have been given by your family going away for a few days by either sitting in front of your computer or watching movies? Seriously Mum and I only made it through the first two extended Lord of the Rings movies (Nearly 7.50 hours of movies magic!!) yesterday before we collapsed from exhaustion LOL! But itsn't it funny that when they (the kids and hubby) are here all I want is some peace and quiet to do what ever I like but when I CAN do whatever I like I just don't know what to do with myself! But I DO know I am sure as heck not doing any housework LOL - thank heavens for msn otherwise I would be lonely as well as bored ha ha. Thanks for saving me from my own company Deb LOL!

With New Year fast approaching I have been fiddling around thinking about resolutions for next year and I have decided that I might try to do the Project 365 again. I know I struggled early on into it this year but I noticed that while I was doing the project I had heaps of photos to scrap with and then as the time went by I had less to choose from - so I have decided that it behooves me as the member of a CT to do this project! Well I need SOME sort of motivation don't I :) - anyway we shall see what happens with that won't we.

One of my serious New Years resolutions for 2009 is to lose some weight and to try to manage my blood pressure without the medication! I have finally gotten the medication all out of my system and I am having my good and bad days as my blood pressure goes up and down like a roller coaster! SO as I am now the proud owner of a super cool Cross-Trainer I have no excuse not to exercise. Isn't it great? Bella has decided that you aren't serious about working out unless you have your mp3 player going full belt - I have even set myself up a rocking playlist on my Nano so that I can hop on and be driven by the beat! You would laugh if you could hear my songs - Black Eyes Peas, Flock of Seagulls, and a bit of AC/DC just to name a few haha but it gets my motor running and thats the main thing. I would REALLY really like to be a bit thinner for my beach holiday at the end of January and that is going to need a bit of motivation on my part to shake of the bad eating habits of the Xmas break and get back on track! But I can do it - well I think I can LOL!

And one of my other serious resolutions is to be a bit more ummm "real life" I guess is the best way to put it. I have some super fantastic real life friends who really don't "get" this whole on-line life of mine and I feel that perhaps I haven't been there as often as I have tried to be for my on-line friends. I'm not sure, maybe it IS easier sending a loving email than picking up the phone, I'm really not sure but I haven't been as present in their lives as I feel that they deserve - soooo I resolve to make late night calls, and send loving notes via snail mail and visit with those people who are both the rock and anchor of my real life.

But that does not in anyway lessen my love and affection for the wonderful on-line friends I have made. I can't tell you how very treasured and remarkable these wonderful people make me feel. Come on you all know who you are - BIG HUGS to you all! Even those of you who are notoriously bad posters *cough* Deb!!! ROFL

Anyway I had best go as while I have vowed to not do any housework today I DID wash all the sheets and it is beginning to cloud over so I had best get my lazy bottom off this chair and downstairs to the line. Take care!

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Carol said...

Good resolutions. I'm a bit the same. Although a lot of my "online" friends have become "offline" too, so it's been a bonus.

Have so enjoyed spending this year with you, being able to pop in and see your happenings and beautiful family.

Let's raise our glasses to the new year and continued friendship.