18 October 2008

The hair - not the beautiful hair!

You know no one told me that the second child would be much more stubborn and insistent than the first one. My first child is usually biddable and will usually do what she is told but the second child delights in questioning everything and down right saying "NO!". The second child knows her mind and no amount of sweet reason will change her mind once it is set on something!

My darling Tasha, she of the golden hair, my second child! She decided a few months ago that she would like to have her hair cut - she's 6 and she has had nothing more than a light trim since the day of her first hair cut. She wanted it off to the shoulders! Now I consider myself a reasonable woman but when it comes to her hair I probably have ummm separation issues LOL. So when she first asked I told her I would think about it if she still wanted it done the next time our hair dresser came around, as I assumed that it was just a phase and she would forget all about it. No such luck! She remembered and in fact reminded me about it this morning. I wheddled, begged and nearly cried but she would not be put off again. And I am learning that with this child it is important to pick the fights you can and must win and to concead graciously on the fights that it's just not worth the ulcers to fight.

So here it is people, the before and after shots of my strong willed second child!
God help me in the future!

Here is the Long - in September this year

and the Short of it - today!

Look at her! Totally unrepentant for the anguish she caused me ROFL. Cheeky monkey!

And because I can't take photos of one and not the other one here is a photo I took of my sweet biddable eldest child - hmmmmm she isn't looking all that biddable in this photo is she ROFL!

Ok that's all from me tonight - nothing going on around here apart from hair dramas LOL. Oh I got mine all chopped off too - hubby keeps calling me Bob! Ta ta from me!


The Josephs Family said...

Awww... She looks so cute with her new short 'do. Where's the pictures of your new cut? It's only fair! ;)

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

I really like the shorter hair. I am the opposite. My girls have the worst tangly hair and I really want them to have it short, but NOOO they have to grow it long!!

Wanna swap????? hehehe