12 November 2008

It's been a while ....

I feel bad because it's been a while since I blogged but I have had a very busy few weeks. The weekends have been full of family busy-ness and the weeks full of work.

I have also avoided blogging until my dear step-dad had had his specialist appointment as I wanted to avoid worrying any family that might be reading my blog until I had more information. You see my step-dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer three weeks ago and even though the prognosis is a good one in the circumstances, we have been a bit shell shocked. I was reluctant to post about it until I knew more about what was going to happen, but he saw his specialist today and he will be having surgery in the new year to remove the cancerous gland. At this stage there is no need for radiation treatment and should there be no problems with the surgery - all should be well. I have my fingers firmly crossed as I love that goofy man to bits.

I know it's silly but I couldn't blog until I had more information about my SD because I thought it would be callous to post about trivial things when we were all so worried about him. But things are more ok now than they were and we are all feeling pretty optimistic so I can blog about less dramatic things without feeling weird.

Last week my darling Bella sat for her first ever piano exams (Level 1) both practical and theory. She was a bit worried about her practical as she had never played on a grand piano before and was a little intimidated but she passed well (only 3 points under a merit) which is wonderful for her first time! I am so proud of her ~ I know it is hard for her to step out of her comfort zone with her anxiety issues but she was a real trooper! She also had to play a piece for the performing arts afternoon at her school, and this year the pianists had to play in the church on the church organ. Bella usually looks quiet sick before these events but this time I think she was actually excited! She played her piece beautifully and took a bow LOL, so cute!

Because this is such a big deal for the both of us - I think that it is natural that my only scrap page over the last couple of weeks would be about this!

A Piano Week

Credits here

I actually did this page for the current Pickle Jar Challenge using Ann-Marie's new kit Twigglepop which is new in the store at Pickleberrypop right here

Which reminds me ~ there are some really exciting challenges going on over at Pickleberrypop this month:

I'm sort of hosting this challenge but it is actually being sponsored by Danielle Corbitt who contributed a very sweet mini for everyone! It's a tricky one so if you feel like a real challenge you will love this!

Here is Ann-Marie's great Birthday Challenge with these cute buttons as a participation gift!

And Kirstie is hosting a great template challenge but you will have to hurry over to play this one as it ends on the 16th November

and if you aren't pooped yet there is always the famous Pickle Jar Challenge to keep you entertained!

and last but not least is PBP's Photography Challenge being hosted by yours truly! hmm I don't have a pretty image for you but click here and you can find out all about it!

In other exciting scrapping news a new website has launched recently called Scrapbook Hub! Scrapbook Hub is a new Australian website that is going to become 'The heart of Australian scrapbooking and papercraft'. And we at Pickleberrypop are thrilled to be helping out there with the Digital Scrapbooking side of things!

They recently sent out their first newsletter and Annette and I were invited to write an article on Digital Scrapbooking for it. If you haven't subscribed yet you can see our article called New to Digital? on-line and while you are there check out the Scrapper in the Limelight ~ our very own Annette! yay!

Well I think that I have caught up with everything - so I had better go, I'm pretty tired now after such a long post and I hope that you will forgive any typos you might see in here - I'm not usually so illiterate LOL. So good-night from me :)

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Carol said...

You know I'm thinking about you honey, it's a state of limbo you're in right now. {{hugs}}