16 November 2008

Phew...I'm pooped!

Wow such a busy day today. Bella and I went to church this morning as the year 6's were participating in the mass. It was soooo hot very early this morning, it seemed to leap from plesant to boiling in about 20 minutes - phew! When we got home hubby had made us bacon and eggs for brunch, which was really nice. Then my dear sweet husband decided he had had enough of our mangy old lounge room carpet and we were going to see what was under there - right now, today. Have I mentioned it was boiling today?? Yikes. Luckily (or unluckily if you were feeling as lazy as I was this morning) the floor boards under the mangy carpet were amazing so we spent the rest of the day moving furniture, throwing hacked-up carpet pieces and underlay over the veranda into the trailer, pulling up nails and staples, washing walls and vacuuming! All I need to do tomorrow is mop the floor, the lovely timber floor!Yay!. I'm not saying it doesn't need a going over by a professional but it certainly looks better than our old carpet!

here it is, my new - old floor:

You have to realize that we are pouring all our cash at the moment into our home loan so there isn't a lot of cash left over for renovating LOL so we make do with what we have as much as we can!

This evening a massive storm came over Brisbane and it turned very dark at around 4.30pm in the afternoon which is why this photo has come out so badly but I have to show you what my girls HAD to do the minute that water started to POUR down LOL

It's a bit hard to see in this shocking photo but Bella has her foot in the gutter and the pressure of the water pouring down the hill is causing a spray that is reaching her mid-thigh LOL. Bear in mind this is 4.30pm in the afternoon and I had to crack out the flash coz it was so dark LOL!They really enjoyed playing in the rain but it got a bit scary when the wind really picked up and they bolted back inside ROFL.

As for scrapbooking I have to share some exciting news with you! The Pickleberrypop Kit Bash Vol 4 is out! Hooray! And the best thing is that it was sooo huge that PBP decided to break it up into 3 parts so you can come back later and grab the other pieces as they come out!

Isn't it lovely! Go here to find out all about getting your hands on this lovely sample pack free!

I have been having some fun with the challenges over at PBP over the last couple of days. But I have been cheating a little bit by doing "two-fer's" LOL. This is what my pal Deb likes to call LOs where you meet two challenge criteria in the one page hehehe. And I did it for the last two LOL.

This is a page that I did as a "two-fer"called "My Tasha" for the 1-2-3 Challenge AND Kirstie's template challenge. Hehehe Kirstie's template made the challenge a little bit easier LOL

Well I think that is all from me for now because I am beat - so take care of yourselves and those you love and I will be back later ta-ta!

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The Josephs Family said...

Gorgeous floor... how nice that you had that treasure underneath your carpet!

And I'd like to say... don't complain about the HOT weather while it's barely breaking FREEZING here!! :) Maybe we could mix the two together and make a decent temp!