29 November 2008

And another week (or two) scuttles by......

Well I suppose when I said Brisbane had a bad storm in my last post I MIGHT have understated things just a teeny tiny bit. Apparently it was, in some parts, as bad as a category two cyclone! Wow! I am so glad that we don't live in the impact area because those poor people where then hammered the following Wednesday by the worst downpour since the 1970's! Again we were lucky because although we got loads of rain and thunder we had no flooding (we live on the side of a hill!). And then another storm hit the next night and again we were lucky because we only had a bit of rain, some very tiny hail and LIGHTNING! omg was there some lightning I can't say I have seen that much for ages and ages and ages WOW! Was Mother nature chucking one great big tantrum! I was watching a TV special on the storms last night and I was honestly shocked at the level of destruction that people had experienced only suburbs away from us! I wish them all a speedy recovery process!

The school year is winding down to a close and the girls only have one more week. I am thrilled to be spending a little bit of time off with them as my boss has kindly let me take a day of work here and there so the kids and I can do stuff together! how lucky am I? I am glad that the year is nearly over for them, they are both rather ratty at the moment LOL. Tash had her Year 1 liturgy at the school church on Friday and while most of what I got was video I do have this sweet photo of Tasha with her halo on (I honestly don't know how that thing didn't strangle her LOL).

I was thrilled that my Mum and my Step-Dad could be there too and here are a couple of cute photos of them hugging their little angel!

Sorry about the slight slurryness of the photos, the lighting is never good in the Church and I haven't worked out the best way to take photos in that sort of light - I really do need to pick up my game if I am ever to progress to a big girl's camera (DSLR LOL) - the school principal made a few comments about the paparazzi being there which were hilarious! After the Liturgy I retired to my bed as I was sick with another sore throat - luckily it seems to be easing off today and I just have an annoying tickle and a cough. Thank heavens I thought it was going to be Pharyngitus again!

Report cards came home on Friday and I was really proud of both my girlies - they aren't Albert Einstein's but they are doing consistently well and I am so pleased with them both!

And yes! I have scrapped! LOL I have managed to fit in some scrapping this past fortnight for the various challenges going on at PBP, and for a couple of new releases over at PBP too.

And now you are Two was a two-fer for Kirstie's great Template Challenge AND Ann-Marie's fab Birthday Challenge

Credits here

Tweet Tasha is a funny whimsical page

Credits here

I had so much fun making it with Katef's totally sweet Tweet Tweet Birdy Bits

And lastly, I made this page of Tasha making a splash at the Gold Coast

Credits here

using the super adorable new kit of Sharon's Beach Play

So yes I have been very busy recently scrapping away and probably not doing as much as I would normally do with other things. But it's kinda fun just scrapping because I feel like it. And now I have wasted enough time slobbing around I had better get on and do some housework? So ta ta from me!


Chris said...

Oooh a busy time ahead hey Amanda and yes this time of the year is tiring to say the least. Both Lance and Grace have already finished for the year and it's just Stephanie and Maddison who have a couple more weeks before they are finished as well. Gorgeous LO's and I hope you're feeling better and not getting worse. Thnaks for stopping by my blog too and hugs girl. (((HUGS)))

Carol said...

What fabulous photographs Amanda, love the tinsel around her hair. I might have to do that, I'm always up for a bit of Christmas cheer! Tell her she's a style guru!