06 November 2007

The SUAS winners have been announced!

Congratulations to the 6 wonderfully talented scrappers who took out the top three places in each category, they are all very well deserved winners, their work is just amazing! You might be able to find out their galleries from the SUAS blog in a couple of days if you are interested. And now that the big reveal has taken place we are all allowed to show the world our LO's. I have decided that I will only put mine in my DID gallery because DID is my "home gallery" (and because I'm lazy LOL!), oh and here on my blog. I put a lot of work into these LO's and most of the time I was really happy with them (even though I never placed once ha ha ha). I am bummed about leaving a "w" out of the journaling in the final week #6 LO argggh, I was so tired when I posted it I missed seeing it! I might fix it before I post it here lmao. Oh what the heck, you can see what a twit I was and anyway, I think that I flattened the damn text before saving it so I can't change it without re-doing all the journaling *sigh!*.

So without further ado - here are my LO's for the SUAS Contest.

Challenge #1
Dream Free

Credits here

Challenge #2
Sweetness in everyday moments

Credits here

Challenge #3
Sing a Song

Credits here

Challenge #4

Credits here

Challenge #5

Credits here

Challenge #6

Credits here

Well that is enough posing for one night so I'm off to bed! I had a big day with the Preppies today and I'm pooped! We made some cool paper hobby horses and had a pretend Cup Race on the Oval, and we coloured in and cut out farm animal masks to wear too. Tomorrow is the Prep excursion to the Trevena Glen Farm so another big day ahead LOL. Ta ta to you all.

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Carol said...

Amanda, these are absolutely amazing. You can be justifiably proud of yourself, they all have something individual that I love about them, your style of scrapping, it's so uniquely you. That pic of the tiger's face, OMG that is just the best. You are the number 1 winner in my book!!