12 November 2007

Well, I have a few things to chat about...........

In family news, on Wednesday, the Preps went to the Trevena Glen Farm for their excursion and I tagged along for a look. It didn't rain that much while we were there, thank heavens, and it was a lovely day. Tasha and the kids had a great time, they milked a cow, fed pigs, lambs & poddy calves, cuddled baby chicks and sat on the worlds most placid bull. This year the horse rides were out because of the Equine Flu but the kids didn't mind because they got to sit on a very strange eight legged cow (man-made LOL). Here are a couple of pics of Tasha, these are the only ones that don't have any of the other children in them LOL.

In other family news, my FIL seems to be getting better every day and today his tracheotomy (sp?) tube came out at last. So hopefully, after eleven long weeks, he is on the mend, fingers crossed.

In scrapping news, I was delighted to find out that I was actually awarded some points in the SUAS contest! I received a total of eleven points (2 points for week 4's LO & 9 points for week 5's LO) - how amazing is that, I never expected to get anything at all! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that a couple of judges thought that two of my LOs were worthy of their attention in such a crowd of amazingly talented scrappers! *blush*

Other scrapping news was that on Sunday I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of the Brisbane ladies from Designs in Digital IN REAL LIFE! It was wonderful to meet up with such lovely people who also happen to share my love of digital scrapbooking (or is that obsession?). So the get together included me (of course), Pauline (leenie), Leonie (Honie), Heather (heathermum) and Sylvia (messytigger). Bella came along so that we could go Mother/Daughter shopping afterwards for some summer clothes and she ended up taking a couple of photos of us all(and she did a pretty good job too LOL!). So here we are, internet pals meeting in real life - it really IS a small, small world LOL!

Credits are here
Well this has been a huge post, so I will finish off now so, ta ta to anyone reading, be you friend or family :)

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Carol said...

Oooooh I love with net life meets with real life! It adds a whole new dimension to friendships! How lucky you are.