19 January 2008

Project 365

Soooo.. Here is my weeks worth of photos - I have popped them into this really cool storyboard by Lanne. You will notice that there is one day missing from the storyboard *sigh*. That was the schoolbook covering day and the only photo I took during that hellish day was of the mound of books as yet, uncovered, LOL - so I tinkered with it this morning in Lightroom and you can see the result below.

Jan 14 - Tasha down at the park playing cute on the slide - I used Kelsey Smith's Into The Woods Lightroom Preset on the photo because it was slightly blurry - I like how it came out LOL

Jan 15 - The spider has found something yummy to keep for later! I love her web!
Jan 16 - This is the yucky photo of all the school books - it didn't come out very well so I put Kelsey's Give it buzz preset on it to make it a bit more fun LOL!

Jan 17 - this photo was taken by my 6 year old tasha and is shockingly out of focus but it looked so moody I decided to play around with some lightroom presets and I settled on with this one by Mike Lao - 300 version 1. I just think in suit the fuzzy undeveloped look of the photo :)

Jan 18 - My puss Cheslea was hiding in the bushes and she looked so cute that I had to take a photo - did I say A photo - hahahahaha - it took me heaps of shots to get her in focus and the bushes out! But I think it came out ok. No preset on this photo, just a bit of sharpening and the levels adjusted.

Ok so I'll be back in a week with some more photos - mostly of the beach though HAHAHAHA!


Carol said...

Oooooh Chelsea, you are a beautiful beautiful girl!!!!! All those books? Yikes. What a day you had. Have fun at the beach, you lucky duck.

Belanna said...

Hope you had a fun week Amanda! Ah, I remember covering school books when I was a kid, what fun...we didn't have to use contact though, just brown paper (long time ago lol!) Love the photo of Tasha on the 14th, I've never used presets, might have to have a play! Thanks for the reminder of Cyndi Lauper, that was one of my absolutely fav songs!!!!!