19 January 2008

Family news and a holiday!

Ohhh it's been nearly a whole week without blogging *blush*. Well it's been a busy week, getting ready for our week at the Gold Coast and finalising the kids school things. Well I had my first experience of covering two children's book as Tasha is going into Grade 1 this year and I nearly DIED! Rules of perfect contact application include - no humidity! HELLO! Sub-Tropical Brisbane in January is HUMID! Needless to say profanity was being muttered under my breath a fair bit - but after a concerted effort all the books are now covered, pencils, pens and assorted stationary are now labeled and packed away in school ports awaiting the 30th January! Oh and I bought Tasha's Big Girl Uniform during the week. It was so funny, as we walked into the uniform shop, Tasha reminded me in a very loud whisper, that she had to try it on - IN THE FITTING ROOMS like a big girl! I felt a little teary seeing my baby in her school uniform, she looked so grown up *sniff*.

It has been a little quiet on the scrapping front, I have only finished one LO this week. Natalie asked me to trial her new Lightroom Presets, so I downloaded the free 30 day trial and I have to say I LOVE it! I really loved the way Natalie's Beach Presets made my Gold Coast beach photos look. And then I HAD to do a LO with the photos LOL!

Here is my LO - Wish you were here!

Credits are here

Well, that is all from me for a little while - we are leaving for the Gold Coast for a week today and I won't be back until next Saturday - so take care everyone and Ta Ta from me for now :)

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