12 January 2008

AND a Layout!

I wont say I have found my mojo yet, that may be a little too hasty at this point BUT I did a layout yesterday and I'm not TOO unhappy with it LOL. Well I HAD to used Natalie's GORGEOUS new Ultimate Element Collection immediately because there are so many wonderful goodies in it! Have a look at it!
. You can pick it up at Natalie Bird Desings or DID or PBP!

And here is my LO - No Snow!.

On our trip to Tasmania in 1992 we were all so excited at the thought of skiing! We live in sunny Queensland and this was going to be our first ever ski experience. But everywhere we went in Tasmania that year there was no snow! Ben Lomond Ski Resort was our last hope before we headed back to the mainland and you guessed it, there was NO SNOW!.

Credits are here

Well I had better get the kids breakfast so it's ta ta from me LOL

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Belanna said...

Hi Amanda! Gosh you've been busy lately, layouts and photos and holidays and all! Loved your layout of your grandparents and the shot of Bella reading...I can never understand not being eager to read, I always had my nose stuck in a book when I was younger...now I just wish I had more time to do just that! And did I read that you're a Stephen Donaldson fan? Me too!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, come again soon and we'll have coffee or something lol!