12 January 2008

Project 365 - Jan 11

Now today I was in a bit of a pickle because all the pictures I took were all rubbish, it was gloomy and rainy outside and gloomy and dark inside LOL. But I finally got this photo of my daughter Bella reading in the evening.

Why take a picture of this you ask? Well Bella has been very slack about reading recently preferring to spend all her free time on the playstation and the computer. So I had to come down a bit hard on her and I banned her from these activities until she had read for 1 hour each day! Well to sweeten it a little I took her to a book store and she got to pick a new book. She picked a Pre-Teen novel called INGO. At first she was a reluctant participant but yesterday evening I found her laying on her bed reading her book AFTER her 1 hour had been done that morning! The triumph of a good parenting move had to be imortalised by the camera LOL

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