04 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok! Ok I know that it's the 4th already but, what can I say, I'm a bad blogger. I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year. It was way too wet and windy to go to the fireworks this year so we had a lovely quiet one over at a friend's place, chatting, nibbling and drinking coffee.

So Christmas …..

We had a lovely time in Hervey Bay, the weather was wet and windy but that is certainly better than hot and steamy that is for sure! It was wonderful for hubby to spend time with his sisters and brother as it has been well over twenty years since they were all together at Christmas. Daphne (my mother in law) was in seventh heaven with all her children and grandchildren around her and at the last moment the Hospital allowed Ron (my father in law) home for the day, so we were all together. What a wonderful day. I missed my Mum though :)

The whole Clan!

The kids were spoilt but not too terribly, I couldn’t get them everything they wanted this year but they were very happy with what they got – if that makes sense LOL. I was a happy little vegemite with my Ipod Nano and Stephen Donaldson’s new novel! So yes we all had a great time. Sadly with the weather there wasn’t a lot of beach time but the enjoyed the day that we did go.

On the way back to Brisbane the weather was wild and it rained all the way down the coast. At one stage it was hard to see the road ahead and we slowed right down but there were still crazy people speeding past us in the other lane! What is with some people? Slow down in the wet idiots!

Ok the school books are all bought, new lunch boxes and water bottles purchased and all I have to get are uniforms and school shoes and we will be all set for school going back on the 30th January. I’m getting organised early because we are leaving for a week on the Gold Coast in two weeks and I want to have a stress free trip LOL! Fingers crossed for better weather though please (I won’t really mind being stuck in an apartment with beach views as long as there are DVDs and Foxtel LOL). I might have to ask the lovely Heather @ DID for some tips about being stuck in a unit in bad weather with kids though!

Ok I think I’m up to date now with family stuff so my next entry will be about the encyclopaedia letter B!

So ta ta for now and thanks for listening to me ramble!


Nicole said...

Now imagine those idiot drivers speeing past you in snow... Welcome to Wisconsin! :)
Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas!

Carol said...

What a great family photograph. Now that's something to treasure.

Anonymous said...

Our neighbours went to Hervey Bay and they said the weather was going to be wild! Glad you got home in one piece!

And wow, how organised are you with the school stuff?! LOL

I've had trouble commenting on your blog, I hope it works now!