13 January 2008

Project 365 - Jan 12 & 13

So this whole posting every day thing is NOT working for me! I am taking photos every day, that's not the problem, I just can't seem to get over to blogger every night, with all the things I have to do, sooooooooo.......... I was thinking that maybe I would post a weeks worth of photos at once! I hope that is still in the spirit of the project. So as tomorrow is Monday I will start my week from there which means I won't be posting any more photos until next Sunday night. I might try my hand at some sort of storyboard-ish thing to show them off LOL!

Well without further ado here is my Jan 12 photo

I love taking photos of my girls, they seem to change every day! Tasha was being cheeky and kept moving so she is a little blurry!

And this is my Jan 13 photo

Do you like Tasha's new Body Glove swim suit? LOL Today was the first day she wore it and at first she wasn't too sure about going in the deeper water but in a few minutes she felt really confident and then it was hard to get her out of the water!


Belanna said...

The top picture is absolutely marvellous...did you play with it to give them those superb ethereal, alabaster, other-worldly complexions? They could be a pair of mischievous pixies you caught in the garden!!!

Not sure what a Body Glove suit is (well I can't swim either lol!), but Tasha certainly looks like she's loving it!

Come on over, the coffee's hot!

Carol said...

Brilliant photo of the two girls. My goodness, if you're only mid-January and you are doing this to hone your photographic skills, you are only going to get better and better. Love the colours in Tasha's photo too.