24 August 2008

Ups and then downs

It's funny isn't it? Life is like that? First ups then downs and then ups again, a great big roller coaster ride. Scrapping is like that too.

Natalie has decided to retire - it is something she really needs to do and I wish her the very best of luck as she steps back to spend more time with her gorgeous boys. At the moment she is having an outrageous sale at both PBP and CLD so if you have ever hankered for some Natalie Bird designs now is the hour before they are gone for good. Since deciding to retire Natalie has been creating some truly wonderful pages, as if her joy in the art form has come back and I am so very happy for her. And don't for any moment think that this is the end of Ms Natalie! Oh no, one day she will be back and I will be there stalking....... err........ supporting her again LOL! Oh and now that she isn't designing any more Natalie has a great new blog too and if you pop over you MIGHT find a great freebie LOL

Needless to say this left a hole in my life (oh god how sad does that make me sound LOL). My friend Deb will tell you I was actually a bit miserable (hahaha shoosh up Deb!!) and bad company for a while LOL. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed working with Natalie both scrapping and behind the scenes and I can't tell her enough how happy and useful she has made me feel, so THANKS my friend! But where one door closes another always opens and I have been offered the chance to help out Annette over at PBP! It makes me feel useful and needed so I'm in, thanks Annette for my life line LOL.

Talking about PBP we have a chat once a month on a Friday night and it is usually a real hoot. The girls are so friendly and welcoming and the conversation ranges from anything from scrapping (well naturally) to babies, to 80's music to alcholoic beverages, pickles (don't ask!) and back to babies in the blink of an eye. The last chat we had was a speed scraplift chat which I will be honest with you I have never attempted before! Chatting and scrapping?? Hmmmm! Anyway I thought what the heck, so we had to pick a LO from the gallery to scrap before the chat and so off I trotted to have a looksee. Well there was so much talent I was bewildered! I ended up picking this totally gorgeous page by Chris that I loved to bits called Groovy Chick. Ummmm I might have to re-think the level of difficulty next time! yikes it was a toughie but I was pretty happy with the end result!

Credits here

On other CT news Anna has been busy making some great new kits. First up is Country Club Kids - Ella
and here is my LO with it, my littlest sweeties first day of school!

Credits here

And the lovely Mari's Garden
And here is the page that I did with this cute kit
Credits here

Well not much other news from me for now - still no migraines so yay! and although Tasha and I are both battling a pesky cold at the moment all else is well here. We had the school fete this weekend and I ate too much chocolate fudge and fairy floss but we had a great time. Bella had her first fete where she didn't have to hang out with Mum and Dad (the drags!) and she spent the whole time screaming (I swear every single time I saw her she was screaming!) with her friends. Ahhh isn't it lovely to ditch the parents! We were there, we were just ignored LOL! Well until tasha's temp climbed again and she and i went home :) Ohhhh I just can't get my head around the fact that Bella is turning eleven in two days and I can't tell you how old I feel hahahaha

I had best go the closing ceremony is on and I might watch a bit before bed :) ta ta


Carol said...

It is so true isn't it, about doors closing and opening. So glad you helping at pbp. And I do hope Natalie does return to designing, there's too much talent there to just vanish.

Love that funny girl layout, love how you did the title. You do rock my friend, big time!

Annette said...

I think I'm going to like working with you! LOL I'm so glad that my timing appears to have been impeccable, and thanks so much for being my life line in helping me out!