11 August 2008

18th Wedding Anniversary

I followed a link at Pickleberrypop made by the lovely Sonia to this fun site called Wordle that makes totally fun word clouds.

And because it is my darling hubby and my 18th Wedding Anniversary today I made this Word Cloud there using two of Shakespeare's sonnets "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day" and "Let us not to the marriage of two minds admit impediment" :
He is my best friend, my companion, my rock, my love, he lifts me up when I'm down, and walks beside me on our journey through life, he is the loving father of my children and the keeper of my heart - he is my Tony. I love you to bits babe!

Ok enough mushy stuff ROFL, I have to let you know that since taking the blood pressure medication I have not had a twinge of a migraine, not one little twitch! How cool is that? It has taken nearly two weeks to get used to the medication though and I have felt very tired and sleepy but now I'm feeling lots better and I can manage to get through most of the day without falling asleep LOL. My blood pressure feels much more normal too and I can really feel the difference. Lots of other silly little things seem to have gone to, like the dizziness and nausea so I'm feeling pretty positive now about it, so far so good :).

On the girlie front, they had their athletics carnival on Friday just gone and they had a great time. I didn't get the day off work this year because I have missed so much work recently that I wasn't game to ask but Mum and Joe spent some time there and cheered them on so the girls were happy. My sweeties aren't athletes by any stretch of the imagination but they always do their best and I am always proud of them. Bella's crowning achievement for the day was a win in the girls relay, and although she didn't place in her individuals races she was just thrilled she didn't come last this year LOL. Tasha had a great time! I'm not sure where she came in her races but I'm also sure she didn't care in the least, she just had heaps of fun. And to cap it all off their house won the Athletics's carnival (which doesn't happen very often, we aren't the sporty house LOL) so they were really jazzed when they got home rofl!

I finally managed to do a page for Natalie's CT last night. I'm so lucky she hasn't sacked me during all this scrapping down time that I have been having with the migraines and the sleepiness but for some reason she likes having me around- ROFL!

Here is my page using the gorgeously fun and fresh Fruitie Patootie kit found here

Credits here

Just a quick comment to my pal Carol about the last post LO. Sorry I should have mentioned it in the post but the love birds are my Mother and my Step-Father, who have been together for 25 odd years and are still very snuggly and loving, I love catching happy snaps of the two of them LOL.

Well I had better get moving and head over to update the Natalie Bird Team Blog with some great information about one of our CT member Mirjam (schneeflocke) so It's good bye from me and it's good bye from him ... the other Ronnie (showing my age and preference for English TV shows now aren't I LOL)

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Carol said...

Oh I've played with Wordle too, but I didn't get such an awesome result as you did. What fun! Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.

As for that wobbly layout, it's gorgeous! That butterfly is coming clear off the page, awesome shadowing.

Thanks for the heads up about the last layout, I thought as much but wasn't sure. Have you printed the page to give to them? I bet they will love it.