13 August 2008


For any "non-scrapping" friends and family that might be reading, a TOOT, is something you say when you have something to show off about or brag about hahahaha, you know, like blowing your own horn LOL.

Well I just had to share this fabulous Toot of mine with you..... check this out ....... that's my page on the front page of Pickleberrypop!! OMG Toot toot! hahahaha
Lookee, I made Layout of the Week over at Pickleberrypop this week! yahoooo! I was so surprised and thrilled to be picked and to have an opportunity to show off Natalie's great products on the front page of one of the coolest scrapping sites around for a whole week. Wow, I'm just gob-smacked.

Well that's all from me for now LOL, I'm too overwhelmed to scrap at the moment in case it sucks haha. ta ta toot toot haha

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Annette said...

*clap clap* Well deserved!