16 April 2008

Time flies!

WOW time certainly does fly doesn't it, especially the older you get! It seems like only yesterday that I posted but it was in fact 10 days ago! Well I had a busy week and a fun weekend, I did housework, washed clothes, aged a year, did some scrapping and ate cake LOL! Hmmmm you would almost think it was my birthday LOL!!! Yes it was and I was really spoiled by my friends and family. I had cake and lovely pressies at work on Friday and on Saturday (the day!) I got some fabulous gifts from my family including this little beauty..........

Yay! I've been bamboo-zled! I am having such a good time playing with it!

My wonderful hubby also took me out for dinner and we shared a romantic seafood platter for two! Mind you saying that, I challenge anyone to be all sweet and romantic while cracking a crab claw!

It was a really great day and I felt so happy at the end of it that I had to scrap something! Well I had this brilliant new kit of Natalie's sitting on my HD called Oh Happy Day (which seemed like a sign to me!) and Tasha took a nice pic of me on my birthday so I put the two together and voila, here it is, my Happy Birthday LO to me hahahahahahahaha!

Credits here

So other than that not much is going on here, the kids are back at school after their week off and the routine has gone back to where it should be, mayhem reigns once more!

To quote a sweet friend of mine, Ahhhhh life is good! Thanks Kristie!


Carol said...

Sneaky sneaky sneaky !!! Happy Birthday to you. See I won't forget now, it's gone straight into my diary! LOL.

Great photo, bravo to Tasha.

And oh my! I do very much like this kit, especially that layer of bling down the bottom. You enabler you!!!! You can tell Natalie you're doing your job very very well. Popping it in my wishlist now! LOL

Happy Birthday buddy. So glad it was a great one.

KristiYaYa said...

I wish you the very happiest of this "New year of Life". I would loved my 40s. Life certainly begins to mellow the further along you go into the 40s. By the time 50s come you're totally mellow!!!

Then you can truly know....

Ahhhhh, life is good!!!

I'm honored that you credited me with that which I TRULY BELIEVE!

Love you!