29 March 2008

Ummmmm Hello there everyone *grin*

I have been neglecting my poor old blog for a while. I don't really have a very good excuse except life got in the way. I started back at work two weeks ago and the change in routine has thrown me for a six when it comes to my computer time. Hopefully I will get myself sorted out soon hahahha.....

So work is going ok, it isn't the job of my dreams but it pays the mortgage and thats all that matters I guess. The people I work with seem very nice and friendly so it isn't a hardship going to work. I have let the housework go a bit recently mainly because my only days off have been over Easter and we went away.

Before we left Brisabne though we had our traditional Easter brunch with our friends the M's and it was sooooo nice to catch up and chat over a lovely cooked brunch followed by fruit and chocolate eggs.

Straight after our lovely brunch we trotted off to Hervey Bay to vist hubby's family. The traffic leaving Brisbane was a nightmare and this is a pic I took out the front windscreen of the our car!
It's a bit hard to see but cars are snaking up the freeway in front of us for miles!

It was great to see how well my Father in Law is looking, he is still very thin but he is getting stronger and feeling healthier each day. The girls got way too many eggs as usual!

Tasha with her little Easter Chickie - I really have to stop taking pics in front of my MIL's windows LOL - tooo bright!!

My Bella girl!

The girls had a nice time even though it rained. We did get to take them to the beach in between the rain and even though the tide was out they had a great time as you can see!

The trip back to Brisbane on Easter Monday was pretty much a carpark from the top of the Sunshine Coast back to our place but we just listened to music and chatted so it wasn't tooooo hideous. It was slow though and we did pass a poor lady who had rolled her car but thankfully she didn't seem too hurt and the ambulance was arriving as we passed. Luckily that was the only accident that we saw. That isn't saying people were driving safely but we were all going too slowly to crash LOL

So anyway I have been trying to scrap when I can, mainly for ADSR (yes Natalie and I are still in the race LOL). So here are a few recent LOs from ADSR.

This is ADSR #5 - Interview with an Inanimate Object! I chose my Fuji LOL

Credits here

ADSR #6 - Was a scraptwist of one of our partners LOs - if you want to see the super cool one of Nat's that I picked, you can click on the credits down below and it has the original LO there!

Credits here

ADSR #7 - was using ALOT of stuff all from the one designer and of course I chose Natalie LOL. This was a really hard challenge putting ALL that stuff on it hahahaha

Credits here

ADSR #8 - A travel page with only B&W photos and no travel elements or paper

Credits here

And last but not least here is my ADSR #9 page! It's an Altered Art page - Altered Art isn't something I have conciously tried before and I actually found it really challenging! I used an ATC template for this one as I have never done an ATC before and thought I would give it a go.

Credits here

Well thanks for sticking with me for this amazing long post again. I hope to have more of a routine happening at home this next week and I will have more time for my beloved computer, so 'till then it's ta ta from me!


Scallywag said...

That is a fabulous ATC card Amanda! Th extraction is awesome - I really need to try it sometime!!!!

Carol said...

Glad to see you back, yay! And I reckon any break is a good break - even if it does involve poor weather and traffic.

Your layouts, what can I say girl, SUPERB !!!! Love how you've done the SERIOUS title (must admit love that stamped alpha, I've used it often). As for the kitty one, you just will know that's my favourite, LOL. And funny journalling from the camera, ROFL.

Carol said...

PS : I do believe we are using the exact same camera !!!!