10 March 2008

Finally I'm back!

I honestly couldn't remember my last post! I actually had to open up another window just to see when it was lol. I am a bad blogger I admit it! Well fancy it being the 10th of March already and very nearly Easter! I am very very unprepared for Easter and it's made even worse by the realisation that I will be back at work next week, once more placing my nose back on that particular grindstone!*sigh* I wish I could say that I am excited about work, I really do - but I'm not and I would be lying to say differently. I feel more fatalistic than excited. My new job starts on Tuesday so wish me luck and wish me some enthusiasm too while you are at it please lol!

All is going well on the family front, the kids are settled into school happily and the only sore point has been the school swimming lessons that Bella didn't want to do. But as I told her they are part of the school curriculum and she really just had to suck it up and that seems to have done the trick hahahahaha. She had her swimming carnival on Friday and I was soooooo glad that I went because I got to see her swim her heart out and grab a second in the relays and a third in the freestyle races! Seeee Mum really does know best. Now I did take lots of pic on the day but 99% have other children in them so I won't put them up here - but I did want to mention that I did take photos LOL.

So we are into our third week of ADSR now and there have been some interesting challenges that we have faced. So far since Challenge 1 we have had to scrap a collaborative LO where each partner takes a half of the LO and then you blend them together - this is what Natalie and I came up with -

ADSR Challenge #2 - Night and Day

Credits here

This is my ADSR #3 LO which was an AAM (All about Me) Challenge titled "It's Just Me"

Credits here

I have decided to not post my LO for Challenge #4 on my blog for personal reasons.

Soooooooooooooo anyhoooooo I think that is all I have for you right now so I will pop back later and have a chat - ta ta from me :)


Carol said...

So glad to see you back posting, I've missed you. Love those 2 layouts. I don't even know what the subject was for Challenge 4. But I'm sure your layout was brilliant.

Scallywag said...

WOW - I know I am late to the party - but I LOVE that night and day LO:)