26 July 2009

Helloooooo *wipes away the dust*

Ummmmm I really really can NOT believe that it's been over a month since I posted! That seems really weird to me - perhaps if I wasn't spending so much time on YoVille on Facebook I would be here more often rofl. Stupid game has taken over my life but I really really wanted to get a new bath for my bathroom so I have been working hard and saving my pennies hahahaha. But in between working at YoVille I have been mucking around helping get some very exciting things ready over at Pickleberrypop for their third birthday celebrations next weekend. I'll show you a quick sneak peek a bit later of a wonderful surprise that will be unveiled - you will love it!!

But first off I am going to catch up with some of my project 365 pages - I know I am sadlly behind with these but I spent a bit of time this weekend catching up. My pages are not terribly fancy and I have kept the decorations very plain. I still have a couple of weeks to do but I am a LOT closer than I was to finally catching up than I was yesterday lol.

So without further ado here are some of my outstanding pages:

Week 22 - June 8 to June 14

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally

Week 23 - June 15 to June 21

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples and flourish - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally

Week 24 - June 22 to June 28

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples and flourish - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally

Week 25 - June 29 to July 5

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally and Weeds and Wildflowers - Hodge podge stuff

Phew I feel so much better now those are off my chest lol - I still have a couple of weeks to go before I catch up but I'm getting there. I am totally surprised with myself that I have continued to keep up with my Project 365 - I have made it half way through the year! It's all down hill from here!

In scrapping news I was very flattered and excited to be invited by the delightful Dawn Inskip to be on her Creative Team - I have always enjoyed scrapping with her kits since she joined PBP's design team and I have tried to use everyone she put out - so I guess we are just formalising our realtionship hahaha.

Now since the last time I posted and now I have scrapped a fair few pages and I think it would be really unkind of me to put you through looking at them all so I will just post a couple of my particular favorites and leave the rest.

You have my Heart

Credits here


Credits here

You are a great reader!

Credits here

Magic books

Credits here

And lastly I promised you a sneak peek at PBP Birthday Celebrations -

July 30th is PBP's 3rd Birthday and we are having a huge party to celebrate! Here is a sneak peek at one of the things the team has been busy preparing - it's another HUGE collaborative kit!

Now I can't say too much or it will ruin the surprise but I CAN say that you will definitely NOT want to miss out on this celebration - so leave so time free to come on over and play along with the challenges and games that we will have on - you never know what you might win!!!

All right I have droned on enough for one post - I'll be back later on with my last couple of Project 365 pages I ummmmm promise???? lol


Janie said...

Got to love playing catch up! Looking forward to next week too ;) Thanks for visiting my blog! MWAH!

Dawn said...

Flippin 'eck, that one gigantic inspiration filled blog post LOL Lovng your P365 pages - wish I was up to date with mine. Wonderful wonderful goodies and I'm chuffed you're on my CT :)

Annie said...

Yay!!! It's great to have a 365 buddy! You do keep me going, truly!

Love your work ... I'm still dabbling with digi ... I enjoy browsing your layouts.

Thanks Amanda for sharing!


Carol said...

I have no idea what YoVille is and quite frankly am too scared to go find out. hahaha Love the 365 pages as always.

Melissa said...

I won't be checking out YoVille either ,, definately do not need any other time waster. Good luck with catching up on your project365 pages.

gabs aka evitangel said...

awesome pages amanda and I agree: this collaboration is to die for!
have a wonderful sunday