11 January 2011

It's a little bit damp here

Yes Brisbane and SEQ is going under ....some people are really suffering and I am sending out my best wishes to all those experiencing difficulties, I wish you all well. But thankfully we aren't in any danger of flooding at my house - luckily we are on a hill so we are nice and safe as long as we dont want to leave! Going to work tomorrow will be interesting as the river is supposed to keep climbing and I work in one of the flood areas of Brisbane so I will have to let you know how that goes.

I managed to scrap! Yes I know it has been a while since I last scrapped but there you are ... better late than never I always say! Here is my page using the super gorgeous new kit by Flergs Freakazoid! Isn't it a fun kit?

Well I had better go and start dinner - Mum and my step-dad are stuck here in Brisbane with me as they are cut off from their home by flood waters - so I had better feed them otherwise I won't be a very good family flood evacuation center will I? lol

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Carol said...

I was thinking of you and wondering whereabouts you were situated with regard to the flooding. It's heartbreaking seeing what I'm seeing on telly. So glad to see you blogging too. Just sayin'.