18 May 2008

testing...testing...blog, two, three?

Wow, I thought that I had better dust of the cobwebs in here and give it once over :). Sorry about being away but ... actually I have no reasonable excuse LOL. I've been so busy with , well life that the blog has disappeared under a lot of dust. So what has been happening? Not a lot really, just work, and housework, and family and a little bit of scrapping snuck in every now and then. I have not had a lot of time for creatively and quiet honestly I have felt very ummmm stuffy?, stilted? Dead creatively? Not sure if that makes sense I guess but I'm trying to say that creating has been a bit of a chore for me recently.

But today I woke up feeling heaps more motivated and I managed to finish a couple of LOs that I am pretty happy with :). It doesn't hurt that Natalie is cranking out some truely amazing stuffat the moment to help with the old slow mojo!

So here are a couple of pages from me :

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

Now my friend Deb quizzed me on my {inter}National Scrapbooking Day purchases and so I will give you a quick run down on my megre purchases. Ok it was a quiet one for me but I managed to pick up Ksharonk's fab grab bag, Kaye Winiecki's paper cuts set 1 and paper cuts alpha, Faith True's Grab Bag, Victoria Feemster's Grab bag and also a great kit from Faith True called Enchanted Rainforest which was just lovely! And that was it! A pretty quiet one compared to many other people's I'm sure LOL. So there Deb, I have spilled lmao!


Carol said...

Oh Amanda, your layouts are sensational but that mother one, how absolutely special, to pay homage to a gorgeous photograph like that in the way you have. too too special !!

Chris said...

Loving your LO's girl, they are just terrific! Bloggin' well having a blogis one thing....trying to keep it updated is another and although I try to wipe the cobwebs from the rafters every few days with mine they keep appearing quicker then they ought so I figure I need to kill the spider......lol and just get in there and blog about this and that and a little more of the other. Glad to see you blogged again and that some of that mojo is back in your gorgeous LO's Amanda. :)

Simply Vixen said...

welllllllllll geesh
it's about time lol

and when u dust, you do a fantastic job (I could use a little help, hint hint lol)

lost your mojo??? um, I don't think so, cuz I'm just luvin' your LOs gf!!!

and thanks for the shopping spree update hahaha