09 June 2007

A chilly Saturday afternoon

Well here I sit in a chilly Saturday afternoon checking out the internet and wondering where the day has gone. I have had an awfully long week and I have decided that this full time lark is no fun at all! Roll on the end of July when the pay-system transfer is finally complete and I can go back to being part time. I never seem to have any time or even energy to indulge in my favorite past time these days, I was so tired on Thursday & Friday nights that I didn't even check my emails(gasp!).

I made a few little purchases this morning. Firstly, I voted for Anna in the QOTC challenge, and then I strolled over to check out my favorite Aussie site DesignsinDigital. Tara was having a closing down sale and I grabbed her "lively colour" PS action for $1.76. I also picked up Natalie Bird's grab bag for $2.00US and I was delighted with the treats inside!

Bella has just informed me that I have spent the "whole day" on the computer so I had best sign off for now.

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